Cold Problems on Mobile Phones and How to Avoid it

With the arrival of the cold, we ourselves wrap up more and sometimes much more, something that not only affects human beings since technology itself can also be faced with difficulties. Among the most affected are without a doubt mobile phones, the devices that accompany us at all times. Although it may seem that nothing is happening, the cold has effects on mobile phones that can be fatal.

Cold Problems on Mobile Phones

So that you do not find yourself with an unexpected surprise, we are going to show you all the problems that the cold causes on mobile phones as well as the fastest and most effective solutions. We will have to use ingenuity so that our mobile does not suffer problems and overcome the difficulties of the climate, in the same way that in the summer the high temperatures do not sit well either.

Battery failures and problems with cold

One of the most delicate elements of mobile hardware is undoubtedly the battery, which is designed to operate at full capacity between 10 and 20 degrees . Therefore our goal is to ensure that the mobile remains within those standards although it is not always easy. The problems of low temperatures in the battery of mobiles stand out because it could discharge much faster. This occurs because the battery cannot fluctuate as it should and there may be unexpected reactions within the battery.

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The mobile screen does not work

Another of the most common cold problems on smartphones has to do with the screens. It does not matter if you use AMOLED or IPS LCD technology, they will all have difficulties in the cold. This occurs because our own fingers are not capable of transmitting the electrical conductivity that characterizes our body. This can be aggravated if we use screen protectors, since between both layers a thin and negligible layer of moisture can be generated that makes it difficult to use.

The humidity of the environment a great enemy

Although it is not raining, during the winter it is very easy to find cloudy days, with fogs and very cold situations that favor moisture to remain in the environment. This is not as harmful to mobile phones as swimming pool water in the summer, but it can even cause it to leak through condensation. Although it is not usual, it could be the case that our mobile detects water in its connectors and prevents us from using it normally or even turning it off to protect it.

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Never carry a “frozen” mobile

What we must avoid more drastically is a sudden change in temperature and that is something that can cause charging the mobile. When we get home from the street what we usually do is charge the mobile, something that you should avoid in the winter so that it does not go from being 0 degrees or less to a high temperature in a few minutes. The first thing we must do to avoid this is to leave it on the table, neither too far nor too close to a heat source so that little by little as our body enters room temperature.

How to keep your mobile at a good temperature in winter

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  • Keep it close to the body. The first and best recommendation we can make is the most basic, because with our own hands or pockets that are attached to our body we will be making the mobile never have to face the cold winter directly.
  • Do not expose it unnecessarily to low temperatures. This section is especially intended for those who work on the street or those who use their mobile for a long time in the middle of the street. Whenever we can, it will be better to have it in our pocket or leave it in places at a stable temperature.
  • Use aquatic covers for work on foot in rain or fog. For all those who need a mobile phone and work on the street, the best protection is undoubtedly the waterproof covers, thus avoiding water and humidity.