Chromecast with Google TV: Google Seems to Be Working on a New One

Google is preparing a new device focused on the transmission of content wirelessly according to an FCC registry and that could be launched this year. Of course, will it be a new Chromecast or some other product like Nest Audio smart speakers?

New Chromecast in sight?

Chromecast with Google TV

Without a doubt the Chromecast with Google TV has been one of the devices that Google has recently launched and we liked it the most. And it is that we already told you during our analysis, now it is the Chromecast that many users (among which we included ourselves) were waiting.

The reason for that statement was none other than the independence of the smartphone that he had finally achieved. A feature that greatly improved the experience. And not because it was bad before, but having to pick up the phone, tablet, computer or any other device compatible with the transmission standard was a bit tedious.

Well, now it seems that Google is working on a new device to stream content wirelessly. This is defined in a record found in the FFC on behalf of Google: Google Wireless Streaming Device . Of course, this says little and the information that can be seen there does not clarify much either.

The only data found is that it will be a product with a Bluetooth and WiFi connection. Two options that don’t really say much, because a multitude of devices also have them. Although there is a piece of information that still gives some more clue: it includes a 3.6 V battery.

What does using an external battery mean? Well, that the device would be portable. This already completely changes the idea of what it could be. At least if we think of a Chromecast for video streaming. Because for that it would not really be necessary, because when you connect it to a television or another screen it is easy to have a USB nearby to power it. And of course, putting an extra battery would be more expensive and add an unnecessary component.

However, if it were a device focused more on audio, things change. This is where options such as Nest Audio smart speakers come in , and that would now have a portable version. Or an audio Chromecast that could also be used without the need for such a connection to the electrical network (via charger) to be able to use it.

Whatever is sure to be interesting. Although if we have to make a wish, it is that it ends up being a new Chromecast with Google TV and greater power to be able to run and enjoy services like Google Stadia. And of course, that this battery made reference to a command that would be included. That is, something similar to that pack with the Chromecast Ultra and the Stadia controller.

Launch by the end of the year

In the absence of having any additional data, even if it is by way of a leak or rumor, the only thing we can add is that confidentiality seems to be fixed until September 2021 . Therefore, if it was presented, it would be at the end of the year, a date that fits, as it coincides with other presentations made by the company.