Chromecast with Google TV, Analysis: Features, Price and Opinion

Google has taken a long time, but they have finally updated their most popular and best-selling smart accessory. I’ve been testing the new Chromecast with Google TV and today I tell you everything you need to know about it, as well as my experience using it .

“Renovated” design with shades of the past

Chromecast with Google TV

When you open the box of this new device from the great G, it is a team that reminds us in design of previous generations but, obviously with some differences.

We have the usual “tablet” that hangs from an HDMI port , in which we only find the USB-C port to connect it to the power and a small LED next to a button:

  • The button allows us to restart the device if we need it. In my case, I can already tell you that I didn’t have to use it.
  • The LED will indicate if the equipment is receiving power and is therefore running.

Accompanying the Chromecast is a new remote controller with different buttons to: control the volume, move through the system interface, invoke the assistant and two quick start buttons for YouTube and Netflix. All these buttons can be configured to our needs from the device configuration. And voila, it does not include anything else in its box, apart from the typical instruction booklet.

Therefore, this Chromecast becomes, again, that plug & play equipment but with a vitaminized interface of which I now tell you its news.

A true Smart TV using the Chromecast

It is true that using the previous versions of these Google equipment, we could provide interesting functionalities to any old or “dumb” screen. But, what we find now using this last member of this family is something totally different. It is just what we wanted and needed.

After performing the initial configuration, we arrive at the Chromecast interface , in which we find the following menus and options starting from left to right:

  • Search engine : from this menu we can request any information from the assistant both in writing and by voice command using the button on the remote controller. Here we will also see some of the requests that we can make.
  • Home Page – This will be the menu where the device will start up. From this we will see a summary of everything it offers us as recommendations for series and movies in the different installed services (Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, etc). In addition, we will have access to the apps installed on our device among much more recommended content. Here, if we place ourselves on any of the series and films that appears, we will have access to certain information about it, such as the duration, the genre or the score it has received on the scales of different websites such as Rotten Tomatoes .

  • Applications : here we have access to all the available apps that we can install on our Chromecast. Many have been the places where it has been commented that this Chromecast did not have Google Play, and this is true but half. From this menu we can see and download any app compatible with Android TV such as games or applications of different categories. Therefore, we could say that this is an equivalent to Google Play.
  • Collection : a place where we will store the movies that we keep in the “watch later” list of the different streaming services that we use.
  • Avatar : a menu that displays and lets us see pending notifications, access to the “Ambient Mode” typical of Chromecasts, and device settings.

These are all the menus that we will find in the new Google device. If we look closely, there is really no news if we compare it with a normal Smart TV although, compared to previous generations of this equipment, the jump is abysmal.

As far as experience is concerned, I cannot define it in other words than fluidity and power . Being able to move through the system without any lag like the one that we can find in more basic equipment with Android TV or when playing games, for example, having the certainty that whatever the title we will be able to play it without those uncomfortable jumps or Delays greatly improves the experience on this computer.

Another aspect that has undoubtedly conquered me about this Chromecast is the sound and image quality it offers. This section, of course, depends mostly on the screen on which we are using it. But, it is important to note that, if the source allows it, with the new Google equipment we will be able to reproduce content in a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 fps . In addition, it is compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10 + , therefore, we will have at our disposal one of the best experiences in terms of image and sound in equipment of this style. It is important that you know that these characteristics can be configured from the menus of this equipment to adjust it to your needs if, for example, you do not have a good WiFi signal and playback at maximum gives you problems.

Google TV or Chromecast “normal”

Now that you know everything about the new Chromecast, it is time to talk about the decisive section before making a purchase: the Price.

This equipment is available on Google’s own website for a price of 69.99 euros . In comparison, the “basic” Chromecast, with its maximum Full HD playback, we found for 39 euros . So is the new Chromecast with Google TV worth betting on? In my opinion, totally.

Not only will we be able to reproduce in a higher quality and rate of frames per second, but we cannot forget that the previous versions of this equipment only allow us to send content from our smartphone and view the photos from Google Photos on our television with the mode environment. However, with the “new” operating system a world of greater possibilities opens up, just as we have in a smart TV. Therefore, if you want the true experience that a Smart TV would give you, do not hesitate, buy this new Chromecast.