Chrome Extensions to organize and manage bookmarks

When it comes to using a browser to visit web pages, there is no doubt that Google Chrome is the most popular option worldwide. If we work with it, we will surely spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, so a good organization of the elements that are part of the browser must be essential. One of these key sections is the use of bookmarks, also known as favorites or bookmarks.

Whether for work or entertainment reasons, we always tend to end up visiting the same pages. For this we can continuously write the URL address in the search bar, but a more practical option is to add them to the bookmarks function. This is something extremely useful and that can save us a lot of time, but it also requires a certain dedication and order so that many pages that we have marked do not easily end up being lost.

Chrome Extensions to organize and manage bookmarks

Tips for organizing bookmarks

With the Google browser we have the possibility of automatically synchronizing them with other devices such as the tablet or the mobile, so that they are always up to date. It is also possible to add notes to them, which can be useful to remember why we added it or to have a list of pending tasks to carry out. In addition, we can order them by using labels to make it easier to find them.

To keep our browser favorites organized, we can also take these tips into account:

  • Clean the favorites that you no longer use : normally we add to favorites all the pages that we find useful at a time, but over time we may stop visiting them and they just stay there taking up space. Therefore, it is advisable to clean and delete those that we are going to use frequently.
  • Separate the bookmarks by categories with a folder : in general, we are going to accumulate all kinds of pages in our favorites, whether for work, social networks, entertainment… everything can end up in absolute unproductive chaos if we do not maintain a certain order, for which it is interesting to create folders to organize them by categories.
  • Eliminate duplicate pages : sometimes it may happen that we end up bookmarking a page that we already had added to the bookmarks, so it ends up being duplicated, thereby achieving greater clutter.
  • Tag your favorites : Chrome allows us to add hashtags to the bookmarks for a better organization of our favorite pages, which also allows us to directly access the web by typing the hashtags in the address bar.

Beyond these practical tips, Chrome has a wide range of extensions that can help us manage and keep bookmarks organized.

Must-Have Plugins for Chrome

Next, we are going to see a series of add-ons for Chrome that will help us manage and keep our browser favorites folder organized. We can download all of them from Google’s own browser extensions store.

Save to Pocket, one of the most popular options

It is one of the best options available with which to manage bookmarks in Chrome. The extension has a wide range of options to choose from. It is a simple add-on but it can be essential for this task, since the links are saved automatically when we click on their icon in the browser. It also allows us to add tags , which will help us to have our bookmarks pages well ordered.

Also noteworthy is the possibility of being able to save articles and content without having to have an Internet connection. This will allow us to be able to read the saved content without the need to be connected to the network. In addition, it is capable of integrating with more than 1,500 applications, which does not grant greater flexibility when it comes to finding the content that we save. Of course, we must bear in mind that in order to see and manage the bookmarks we must go to its website since it does not allow us to do it directly from the browser. We can download Save to Pocket from the Chrome Web Store ., save any page, video or photo as a favorite

Another popular plugin we have available for Chrome to manage and organize bookmarks is By using this extension we will be able to save or capture almost anything , be it articles from a web page, videos, photos, presentations or songs and keep them organized in thematic collections. It also has a search function that can help us locate a bookmark easily through the use of labels.

Unlike other options like Save to Pocket, is going to allow us to see how to manage bookmarks directly from our browser extension without having to go through its web page. In addition, it is worth noting its ability to automatically place both broken and duplicate links in a separate collection. Another possibility is to customize icons for our collections and synchronize our favorites available both from the PC and from the mobile. We can download this plugin for free .

Save to WebCull, organizes folders and bookmarks keeping the structure

We are talking about a modern and up-to-date bookmark manager with which we are going to be able to save, organize and share web pages like true professionals. This plugin allows us to organize links or organized folders as we wish and each bookmark we import will be incorporated maintaining the structure used in our previous bookmark manager. It is a very accessible plugin capable of synchronizing with all our devices.

It is possible to save pages in the WebCull bookmark manager without having to navigate to your web page , as well as change the title, save tags, take notes and quickly switch accounts. We will be able to easily move our bookmark to a specific folder or create a new one within the extension. In addition, we can create a link to share any group of favorites with the option of being able to protect them with a password. We can download it from this link to the Google extensions page .

OneAccess, organize browser history and bookmarks

This add-on for Chrome allows us to access all our bookmarks and browser history simultaneously from one place. Once we have it installed, it gives us access to all the bookmarks, the last 100 elements of the history and the 10 favorite web pages that we select (and that we can edit at any time), all from a single button that we will find available next to the toolbar. addresses.

The extension is able to remember which bookmark folders were expanded and which folders were compressed at our convenience. We can also make use of the Ctrl + click shortcut to open the link in a new tab. Also, we can open multiple links in the History and TopTen sections at once using the dropdown menu at the top.

We can install OneAccess for free from the Chrome store itself.

Workona Tab Manager, especially dedicated to teamwork

We are talking this time about an all-in-one bookmark extension for Chrome . With it we will be able to manage our bookmarks, organize tabs, manage our projects and gather all our work in the cloud. It has an interface that will allow us to group all our favorites into workspaces. This can be very useful to us in case we work as a team since we can share them to facilitate the work.

It should also be noted that the extension automatically saves all our work in the cloud. It has synchronization capacity so that we can access all our bookmarks from all our devices. In addition, we will be able to bookmark tabs in workspaces by adding them as resources, save an entire window as a workspace, and suspend tabs to reduce memory usage and make the PC run faster.

Just go to the extension’s website to install it for free. Extension, browse bookmarks from a single panel

This extension is characterized by being light and powerful. With it we will be able to browse all our favorites from a single panel, preventing your website from being opened. It also allows us to add a description to the bookmarks we create so we can easily identify the content on the page, as well as customize and color coordinate our folders, making them easy to organize.

This plugin allows us to use recommendations to bookmark pages and manage bookmarks so that we can save time finding and accessing them with a single click. With Booky, we can store our favorite links online through private collections, keeping them confidential so that only we can see them.

If we are interested in this useful extension to organize bookmarks, we can download it for free from Chrome’s own WebStore .