Chrome 91 Will Allow You to Use Control + V to Attach Files and Emails

Emails have become one of the most important forms of communication, especially at a professional level. If we work with the computer, and especially if we telework, surely we send and receive more than one email every day, and almost always with attachments. Google wants its web browser to remain the most widely used in the world, something increasingly complicated given the high competition it faces. Therefore, the company constantly seeks to simplify the way users work. And because of that, Chrome 91 wants to make sending emails with attachments faster than ever.

Google Chrome 91 is currently in beta. And thanks to this, we can get an idea of what will be the news that the next stable version of the browser will bring, which will arrive in a few weeks. Within the code of this update we can find a series of changes that update the way in which the browser manages the system clipboard. And, thanks to them, Chrome will be able to access the copied files directly from the Windows clipboard.

Chrome 91 Will Allow You to Use Control + V to Attach Files and Emails

Google Chrome 91 will be able to read the files from the clipboard

This new function has been registered with the name ” read-only files support for the clipboard “, or what is the same, “support for read-only files from the clipboard”. This function allows the browser to have read-only access (without writing) to the files that we have copied from Windows (for example, with Control + C), preventing (for security) that the browser can copy files to the clipboard.

Thanks to this function, we can paste files (with Control + V, or from the clipboard history with Windows + V) that we have copied from the desktop, or from a specific folder on the system, within the browser. Thus, instead of having to resort to the browse menu to search for a file, or to drag & drop, we can paste it directly into Chrome, and it will be imported directly into it.

In this way, we can copy a document from our computer and paste it into an email to attach it. We will no longer have to use the browse function or drag it to import it. A simple Control + V will allow us to attach any file copied from Windows.

This feature is not just limited to emails. We will be able to use it for any website that allows adding files by drag & drop. For example, to upload files to Google Drive, OneDrive or Mega, and even for social networks.

When will it be available

This new feature will be part of the novelties of the Chrome 91 beta. And since we have just recently updated to Chrome 90, until next May 25, 2021 we will not receive this new version on our computers.

If we want to test it ahead of time, what we must do is download and install Chrome 91 beta on our computer. And, also, enable the following flag from the experimental options:


Thanks to the flag, we can activate and deactivate this function according to our needs. Finally, indicate that the permission to read the files from the clipboard will be available for all versions of Chrome, except for iOS.