How to choose the most efficient route to save with your electric car from Google Maps

Getting an electric car is expensive. Significantly more expensive than buying a combustion car with similar characteristics. But once purchased, the truth is that it offers significant economic advantages over its gasoline or diesel rivals. As a result of this, and in a more profitable way, Google Maps has updated its application to offer new ways to make our transport with the electric car more efficient with specified measures for our vehicle.

Google Maps improves satisfaction with your electric car

choose the most efficient route to save with your electric car from Google Maps

Saving with an electric car depending on the model you buy and where you live is very fashionable these days, plus you can reduce your carbon footprint pretty quickly.

In recent years there have been a number of high-profile electric vehicles, from the Tesla Model S to the id.4. With many models that exceed 400 km of autonomy, electric vehicles seem increasingly practical and versatile . And with gas prices on the rise, they’re also looking cheaper.

In these, and to improve our satisfaction behind the wheel, Google Maps has wanted to adapt to this series of vehicles so that we not only have a more pleasant drive, but also more efficient and safer when traveling on the road.

All we have now

In this way, as we can take advantage of from now on, Google Maps already provides environmentally friendly routes that, instead of reaching the destination faster, do not consume as much electricity from your electric vehicle, or save fuel in that hybrid that you use to go to work or on vacation.

Thus, what it offers in its map service is to adapt to the new needs of drivers of 100% electric cars with a system that is already available in vehicles that incorporate this technology. From now on based on the battery level and the destination , Google Maps will recommend the charging stops and the corresponding charging levels that will minimize the total duration of the trip.

Google Maps coche eléctrico

To achieve this, the company has developed a highly scalable solution for recommending efficient routes through charging stations, which optimizes the sum of drive time and charging time .

Likewise, drivers of an electric car will be able to filter the charging stations from the Google Maps application according to the type of connector , giving the possibility of specifying one or several favorite ones. Or the user may be interested in filtering by loading speed . In that case, they can use available filters, such as 50 kW or faster, 150 kW or more.

We can filter the stations according to the type of connector or charging speed

However, in addition, with Google Maps we can also create a list of charging stations near your home, office or your place of rest. In this way, every time you need it, you will only have to access the list without having to search for all the nearby possibilities.

Or if we are planning a trip, we can use the filters to find charging stations that are open at any time , or at a specific time or day. So we can establish, for example, that we are looking for a station with a charging speed of 150 kW, which has connectors compatible with our car and which is open any day and time.

This will also make it stand out for hybrid and electric cars , where the morphology of the route and the maximum and average speeds have a lot to do with it.