Choose the ideal desk: Tips, types and prices

Rare is the home in which today we do not find an area or space reserved for the computer where we can work or study. The more comfortable we are, we will surely be much more productive, which is why it is very important to have adequate furniture. If telecommuting has become your usual way of working or your children spend a lot of hours sitting in front of the computer and you are thinking of buying a new desk, there are a number of aspects that you should take into account when choosing.

The main aspect to take into account when buying a computer table is the space we have in the room where we want to place it. This will influence the table’s own measurements, design, height, etc. Therefore, the first thing we must do is take the measurements well and from there, decide on the type of table that we are going to buy and the maximum dimensions that it can have.

Choose the ideal desk: Tips, types and prices

Types of computer tables

We can classify them by very different criteria, but it is essential to be very clear about the type of table that we need according to its design. In this case, the location reserved in our house for it directly influences. That said, we can distinguish between:

  • Rectangular : It is the classic straight-shaped table to place attached to any wall in our room. In the case in which it is easier to find a model that suits our tastes and needs, since we will only have to take into account its length and height.

mesa de escritorio recta

  • Corner or L-shaped : They are those designed to be located in a corner of our house. Its L-shaped design makes it occupy part of two walls. They help to take advantage of a lot of space and to be able to have a fairly spacious desk without taking up too much.
  • U-shaped : They are less used than rectangular or corner ones, but can be very useful for those who need a lot of free space on their desk. They can lean each side against a wall or leave room for someone else to use the desk sitting on the other side.
  • Standing : Perhaps they are the least known, but they are very useful. They are high-rise models so that we can use the computer standing up. They are used for very small spaces and when we are only going to use the equipment for a short period of time. They also usually offer the option of adjusting the height of the table to use it when we are on the sofa, for example.

Everything you need to keep in mind


In addition to reviewing the dimensions of each model to check if it fits in the space where we want to place our computer desk, it is also important to review all the measurements to know if everything we need to have on the table fits. That is, the computer tower if we use a desktop model, as well as other accessories such as the monitor, the printer, etc.

Therefore, when designing our workspace, we must take into account certain recommendations. We cannot forget that the desk is a place where we are going to spend a lot of time and that a bad posture can cause certain ailments or injuries. Among the most important ones we find the height of the table, in addition to having enough space to be able to put our legs under it, it is important that in order to have a perfect view of the screen we do not have to tilt our heads too much.

Being able to support the forearms while we write is essential if we do not want to have the typical problems of tendinitis. It is also interesting to regulate the seat and back of our chair well, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, we leave you with the following infographic so that you can take all these aspects into account.

medidas escritorio Material

Depending on our needs, tastes or budget, another detail to take into account is the material with which it is made. We can find models made of highly resistant plastic, wood, metal or a combination of several of them.


Depending on the person who is going to use it, one detail to take into account is the height of the desk. It can also be a fundamental aspect if we want to place it under a window or on a radiator. These elements of the structure of the room can influence the height we need for the table. If it is one of the most problematic aspects when choosing your desk, then you may be interested in looking for some of the models that allow you to adjust the height for each person or moment.


An option for all those who have a fairly small space to place their desk is to choose a model that is folding. In this way, we can easily store it or have it aside without being a hindrance when we do not use it and extend it when we need it.


Sometimes, an extendable table can be the best solution for those who want their work table to offer them more space at certain times or in certain circumstances. They usually provide an extendable module so that instead of one person, there can be two people sitting at the same desk.

mesa de escritorio en L Tiltable

If you are passionate about drawing and mix panel design tasks with the computer, then you are surely looking for a model that allows you to adjust the inclination of the main board. In this way, we can increase the degree of inclination when we are going to draw or write, or decrease it when we are ready to work with our laptop.

cable organizer

A detail highly valued by most users is that it has a system that allows you to organize the cables. This way we will avoid having the table with cables that cross from one side to the other.


It is also worth checking if the model that interests us has different compartments, accessories or spaces to store notebooks, books, peripherals or accessories such as headphones, for example.

Desk tables to work with the computer

Straight computer tables


Multifunctional desk with a rectangular shape and made of anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal. It is a very stable table, of great resistance and that can be used both to study and to work with the computer. Of course, it does not offer any compartment or solutions for cables, so it is recommended for use with a laptop. The price is around 75 euros and it measures 120x60x74 cm.

mesa de escritorio gototop


It is a model that mixes the classic design of its wooden surface with the industrial design of its metallic structure. It has two open shelves that we can place on one side or the other of the table and space to place a computer tower. A fairly robust and resistant model whose price is approximately 80 euros.

mesa de escritorio gikpal

L-shaped desks


This L-shaped desk is a really functional model. It has support for the computer tower and a sliding tray to place the keyboard and mouse. It measures 150x138x75 cm and is made of wood and metal. Its price is 113 euros.

mesa de escritorio songmics


Another model for corner installation is this one from the manufacturer Aingoo. Its measurements are 128x108x75.5 cm, it has an oak wood top and a white metal structure. It offers great resistance and great space for the legs. Its height also provides great wearing comfort, especially for taller people.

mesa de escritorio aingoo

folding models


If what you are looking for is a simple and folding desk, this model can be your great ally. It has a size of 80x45x74 cm when unfolded and is made of highly resistant and waterproof MDF. Its legs are metallic and it has protectors to avoid scratching the floor of your room every time you use it. It’s perfect for studying or working on your laptop in small spaces. Its price of 80 euros.

mesa de escritorio dripeX

Need AC5FB-100

This computer or study desk can also be folded. It has a size of 100x60x75 cm and a weight of 15.75 kg. The top is made of high-resistance melamine, while the legs are made of high-quality steel. It has a simple and elegant design and is very functional. We can buy it at a price of about 90 euros.

mesa de escritorio Need

standing computer table

DlandHome DEUZS-101-JC-BK2

On this occasion, it is a computer table for use standing up and adjustable in height with wooden supports and a metal structure. It has two shelves at different heights to place the computer or screen, keyboard and mouse as best suits us and it is equipped with wheels so that we can place it anywhere in the most comfortable way possible. Its price is 85 euros.

mesa de escritorio dlandhome

Soges SEU-ZS101-MP

Desk table to use the computer standing up with measurements of 60×30 and adjustable height between 70 and 115 cm. The panel is made of waterproof and scratch-resistant wood, while the frame and structure are made of metal to offer great resistance. It offers two platforms at different heights to place the computer and peripherals. It has wheels for easy transport from one place to another and a price of 65 euros.

mesa de escritorio soges


Taking into account the different types of desks, it is difficult to opt for a model in question, since everything will depend on the needs of each one. In any case, due to its practicality, design and versatility, our recommendation is the model from the manufacturer GIKPAL .

It is a model with a straight design, so it can be easily adapted to any space, it has a large surface to place our computer, whether desktop or laptop, and it has different shelves to organize all our things. The design is also quite attractive and can fit in perfectly with almost any decor. As if that were not enough, it has a fairly affordable price of only 81.98 euros.