Choose the Right Business Phone System With These Expert Tips

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A business phone system is one of the best tools that enable any enterprise to accelerate its growth and also achieve its goals. Without it, there might be no communication between the business and its clients, business to business, and also between staff. Therefore, any business needs to choose the right phone system.

Currently, there are different types of phone systems fit for businesses. When you search in the market, you will get analog lines, VOIP phone systems, and cloud-based VOIP services. Whatever you choose for your business depends on the kind of business you run. Here are some expert tips to help you choose the right phone system for your business.

Phone Features

Different business phone systems come with different features to fit every business needs. The features your business requires in a phone system might be different from another business and vice versa. Therefore, when choosing a phone, beware of its features and choose one that will correspond with your business. If running a small business, your choice will be from the various small business phone systems in the market, as other options might not suit you. You will need other solutions with more features if running a larger enterprise. 

Some of the features you need to look for from the phone system include essential features that will lead to seamless functioning, extra features to help your business, additional fees when using the phone, and future updates and maintenance schedules.


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Any business will require buying a cost-friendly item that won’t affect its budget and won’t increase its running costs. Therefore, when finding a phone system, you need to look for one with the best features but with the best pricing during purchase and running it.  For instance, buying a phone with many features won’t be a smart move if you can afford its operation costs. 

First, it is recommended to choose the best phone with the best features and then get yourself a plan to fit your business needs and budget.  However, if your business is growing, you also need to find a system that can grow with your business. You will need a system that’s scalable in the future. Doing so will ensure that you won’t suffer unnecessary costs in replacing the system when upgrading your business. 

Ease of Use

Will the phone system be easier to use for your staff? While all phone systems are easy to use, it all depends on the system you have requested. You don’t have to buy a sophisticated phone system that will turn the phone into a dead stock once it arrives in your business. Ensure that you buy a system that’s easier to use so that when it arrives in your business, everyone will gladly embrace it.

Therefore when purchasing the system, ensure that your employees will use it easily and efficiently.  Therefore, you can conduct a test drive, whereby part of your employees will use the system in a familiar environment before making the final purchase. Please do not buy a system that will require retraining or hiring new employees to operate it, as that will add unnecessary costs to your business. 

Call Management

Different phone systems have different call management capabilities and software. Therefore you need to get one that will perfectly match your business call needs to avoid inconveniences. With this, you must make sure that the phone system you buy has innovative and other additional features that will enable your business to manage its calls promptly. 

For instance, it should have a call queuing feature if your business receives many calls at a go to avoid cutting off some clients. The VOIP features should also be practical enough to distribute different coming and outgoing calls to different extensions of your company. This idea ensures that calls are effectively distributed as they come, and anyone can call from their departments, thus reducing time wastage. 

Customized Mobile Apps

With the pandemic and other factors, all your staff might not be working from the office. This situation means getting a phone system with customizable apps to fit on smartphones for remote or frontline workers to create a convenient working experience. Your VOIP must be mobile to meet the needs of individuals who don’t work from the office. 

Therefore, you need to find vendors that provide both desktop and remote services to enable your business to run smoothly, especially during these changing times when people are forced to work remotely. It also ensures that your business operations continue running in case of lockdowns. 

Just like buying other assets for your company, getting the right phone system is not a walk in the park. You have to do adequate research on the best type and get the right vendor to provide you with the best system that won’t disappoint. Use the above tips and find the right vendors to ensure that your communication needs are fully sorted.