Check your horoscope with these mobile apps

Believe in it or not, I’m sure you know more than enough what the horoscope is. This allows launching predictions that can be quite accurate based on a person’s date of birth. If you are one of those who daily go to a website to see your horoscope, we give you some applications so that you can know what the future holds for you from the palm of your hand.

The horoscope is something that has always accompanied us. There are many people who like to see the prediction associated with their zodiac sign every day, and for that we have always been able to go to magazines or even teletext when it was used more. Now that everything has evolved and become much simpler, we have applications that are intended solely for this, and today we bring you the best you can find.

Check your horoscope with these mobile apps

zodiac horoscope

We start with one of the best apps to know the horoscope. This, in fact, has been downloaded more than 5 million times, unequivocal proof of how well it works. Not only will it help us to consult our horoscope for a specific day, but it will also give us information about the week and the month .

Another very good thing about the app is that it will show us the compatibility of our sign with that of other people . It will also help us discover what our lucky number is, as well as what colors we should choose to dress in harmony with the stars.

Daily horoscope

Another very good option to see our prediction will be when we go to Daily Horoscope. This app will not only show us the prediction based on the horoscope that we usually use, but it will also do so based on the Chinese and Mayan horoscopes .

The app has no limits so we can check our horoscope for the whole year. We will be able to create a profile in the app to enter personal details and make the predictions much more precise. In addition, we can share all our results through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Facebook .

my horoscope

This app presumes that its forecasts come from an expert who has been dedicated to it for more than 20 years . This app may not offer as many possibilities as the previous two, but it is still worth it for the quality predictions it gives.

Its interface is actually quite simple, but that’s not why it’s a bad app. It has an interesting function: if you don’t know what horoscope you are from, this app will tell you quickly just by entering your date of birth . In addition, we will be able to configure a notification so that it throws us a prediction daily at a certain time.

Sactuary Astrology

This app is completely in English, and although it is free, we must be careful with it because it has in-app purchases. It is quite complete, and will even allow us to chat with experts live to be able to ask whatever we want (the first question is free, then it’s time to checkout).

The app has a fairly extensive library of content , with content of all kinds and educational astral guides. It also has the function of telling us what our Sun, Moon and Rising signs are.


Astroguide is another very complete application that in fact not only focuses on horoscopes, but also has a strong presence of Tarot cards . This is another free app with purchases within it, but despite that, it has many free features that are worth it.

Like most of the options on this list, Astroguide will also be able to tell us about compatibility with other signs of the zodiac. It has fun horoscope information and even memes for us to share .

black horoscope

We close this list with another application to know your horoscope, but that goes in the opposite direction to the others. The black horoscope shows the negative and the bad of your sign , those things that you will surely not like to hear and that the other applications will ignore.

The app itself doesn’t differ too much in its functionality from the others, although this time it does have an offline mode so that we can consult our horoscope whenever we want and without needing to be connected to the Internet.