check if your passwords has been compromised on iPhone

As an iPhone user, it’s important to be aware of a built-in feature that allows us to assess the security of our passwords. This functionality can be found within the Settings of the device, rather than through a separate website. By utilizing this option, you can enhance the protection of your digital well-being by determining whether your passwords are easily guessable, reused across multiple accounts, or have been compromised in unauthorized data breaches.

Where can you see compromised passwords


The iPhone features a dedicated section where users can access and manage their login information for websites, applications, and services. To access this information, navigate to “Settings” and select “Passwords.” It’s worth noting that for security purposes, the phone may require authentication through Touch ID, Face ID, or the device’s passcode.

Upon successful authentication, users will encounter an interface divided into three distinct sections. The first section, “Password Options,” allows users to enable or disable the autofill feature for credentials when logging into websites. The second section, “Passwords and iCloud Keychain,” enables the storage of usernames and passwords in the Apple cloud, ensuring synchronization across multiple devices.

The next significant area is called “Security Recommendations.” This section is particularly crucial as it displays passwords and associated services that may be at risk. One of the options within this section is the ability to detect leaked passwords. This feature alerts users if any of their credentials have been compromised in a large-scale data breach.

vulnerable iphone passwords

Along with the detection option, there are two additional sections within this category. The first section is called “Priority Recommendations.” Here, users will find accounts with passwords that are at risk due to various factors. Alongside each account, the iPhone provides one of the following messages:

  1. This password has been exposed in a data breach, posing a significant risk to your account. It is essential to change the password immediately.
  2. This password is commonly used, making it easy to guess. Consider choosing a stronger and more unique password for improved security.
  3. This password is being used on other websites as well, which increases the risk for your account if any of those other accounts are compromised.

These priority recommendations help users identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in their passwords, promoting stronger account protection.

recommendations security password iphone

In addition to the priority recommendations, the iPhone provides a third subcategory called “Other Recommendations.” Here, users can find a list of websites and applications where their access data is either repeated on other websites or considered easy to guess. This helps users identify and address potential security risks associated with their passwords.

Returning to the main Passwords menu, the third section displays a comprehensive list of all the accounts stored on the iPhone. Clicking on any account will provide the following details:

  • Date of the last password change
  • Username associated with the account
  • Option to change the password on the website
  • Website name
  • Option to remove the password from the iPhone

This detailed information allows users to manage their passwords effectively and take necessary actions to enhance the security of their accounts.