Charging Your Laptop with a Powerbank: What You Need to Know

External batteries, commonly known as powerbanks, have become essential for charging smartphones and tablets on the go. But can they be used to charge laptops as well, even when connected to an electrical socket? The answer is yes, but several factors must be considered, as laptops have different power requirements compared to mobile devices.

Powerbank Capacity and Laptop Charging:

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When it comes to using a powerbank to charge a laptop, two critical factors differentiate it from charging a smartphone: capacity and charging power. Laptops generally have significantly larger batteries compared to mobile devices, typically ranging from around 5,000mAh to 8,000mAh.

For effective laptop charging, you’ll need a powerbank with a capacity that matches or exceeds the laptop’s battery capacity. This ensures that you have enough stored energy in the powerbank to fully charge your laptop.

Charging Power for Laptops:

Apart from capacity, the charging power of the powerbank is crucial. Charging a laptop requires more power compared to a smartphone, so using a low-quality cable or a powerbank with low output power can result in a slow charging process. In some cases, the laptop’s battery may even discharge while connected to a low-power powerbank. To avoid this, it’s essential to choose a powerbank with a high output power rating.

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Recommended Powerbanks for Laptop Charging:

If you’re unsure which powerbank to choose for your laptop, here are a couple of options that offer substantial capacity and high power output:

1. NOHON External Battery:

  • Capacity: 26,800mAh
  • Power Output: 65W
  • Price: €68.99

This powerbank provides ample capacity to charge various devices multiple times and offers a 65W power output, ensuring your laptop charges quickly and efficiently.

2. UGREEN 145W Powerbank:

  • Capacity: Not specified
  • Power Output: 145W
  • Price: €149.99

For a more professional option with higher power output, this UGREEN powerbank offers 145W, suitable for charging laptops at the same speed as when connected to an electrical outlet.

Considerations for Using Lower-Capacity Powerbanks:

If you have a lower-capacity powerbank, such as one with 10,000mAh and 22.5W output, it can still be used for emergency laptop charging. However, it’s essential to understand that it may not charge your laptop as quickly, and the number of charging cycles it can provide may be limited. In some cases, the powerbank may not charge the laptop while it’s in use but rather maintain its power level.

While lower-capacity powerbanks can serve as backup solutions, investing in a higher-capacity and higher-output powerbank is recommended for more efficient and reliable laptop charging. These powerbanks can last for many years and provide a vastly improved charging experience.