Charging AirPods or Apple Watch with iPhone is closer

How many times have you heard in the past that Apple is working on a ‘reverse charging’ feature for the iPhone ? A lot right? Well, now we hear the same thing again after the endless rumors that this feature would come to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Although the company could not meet the deadline for the iPhone 14 Pro, Cupertino engineers are still working on the function and now there are several leaks that indicate that, this time, we could charge other devices using the energy stored in the battery. of the next iPhone.

Charging AirPods or Apple Watch with iPhone is closer

On this occasion, it is the guys from 9to5Mac who publish that Apple is promoting the development of bilateral wireless charging on the iPhone. Both on the hardware and software side, the issue is being worked on in depth to probably have it ready for the iPhone 15 after many fans and haters of the firm have criticized the brand’s latest phones. for the few novelties included inside.

How would this upload work?

Reverse charging is a technology that would allow users to not only charge the smartphone with a wireless charger, but also use the iPhone to charge accessories. For example, we could fill the charging case for AirPods or Apple Watch with energy without having to charge each of them with its own charger independently.

The most striking thing is that, since the iPhone 12 was launched, these phones already have the necessary hardware to run wireless reverse charging, but the function has been inactive since then for many different models that have been launched on the market in successive years.

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In fact, the MagSafe battery pack, which also launched a few years ago with the iPhone 12 , already contains the basic reversible charging features. So if you connect a Lightning cable to your iPhone, the phone will send power to the connected MagSafe battery pack. Along with this possibility, an interface for reverse wireless charging is being prepared that resembles the one used for MagSafe chargers and accessories, that is, it includes on-screen animations and a sound effect to indicate that bilateral charging has started. .

Last month we already told you that Apple and the Wireless Power Consortium are working together on a next-generation Qi wireless charging standard based on MagSafe and now it seems that the brand wants to go a step further with its technology called ‘Wireless Power Out’ that would complement the hardware that we have already had in phones for a long time.

Now all that remains is to wait a little longer, until September, the date on which the brand’s new phones will be presented, to find out if the iPhones that the firm launches this year have this demanded capacity or, again, everything is It remains in the water and we have to wait until the future models of the iPhone 16 series .