I have been charged for calling 11827 on my bill and I have not called, what happened?

I have been charged for calling 11827 on my bill and I have not called

Normally we receive our telephone bill month by month without any inconvenience and problem and it is usual that we have a flat rate that allows us to call as much as we want during the entire billing cycle, without extra charges. But sometimes there are numbers or calls that make us pay much more but also scams that will make this bill fatter. It could be what happens if you call 11827 or if you have seen this number on your bill.

Almost all the numbers that start with 118 are very, very expensive phones that can charge up to fifteen euros for just a couple of minutes. The problem is that these numbers are not always visible but may be camouflaged or hidden behind apparently normal numbers that we search for on Google, for example. They pretend to be Social Security, ITV… And we will realize it when we see 20, 30 or even 50 euros of payment on the invoice.

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Calls to 11827

If you see that you have been charged for calling 11827, you must follow a series of steps. These are calls with a very high cost that you may have seen on the invoice and that can lead to charges of up to 50 euros in some cases without you knowing that you have called or why this call. There are many affected people who claim they have never dialed this phone and it does not even appear in the call log but it does appear on the bill and we must pay a high price for it.

A look at Internet forums or searches for that number is enough to see that many are affected with charges on their bills due to this call that we have never made. Twenty, thirty, forty or fifty euros in a single call or in several calls from users looking for solutions on the Internet and who do not know what has happened or what could have happened.

To do

The first thing you should do is check if you have called this number, either voluntarily or by mistake. It will not always appear in the call log and it may be that the scam is camouflaged behind an apparently normal phone that redirects us to it in order to keep our money without consent. This is not legal so check the duration of the calls and the date and time of the calls and see which one matches the one on the bill. Take a screenshot and provide the proof to your operator to report this practice.

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Once we have saved the data, we contact our operator to request the return of the number, providing all possible information to prove that it is a scam and that we have not called this number and that it was something hidden behind an apparently number normal. The special pricing restriction will then be applied and the amount will be returned to us on the invoice.

In addition, other operators such as Movistar advise us to download specific applications in charge of blocking this type of fraudulent numbers.