Changing the Browser in Windows 11 Will Be More Complicated

Users are finding one of lime and one of sand as we learn more about Windows 11 , Microsoft‘s new operating system. It is true that it is a renewed and fresh system, with a necessary aesthetic change, and that, in addition, it offers superior performance than Windows 10. However, there are many things that do not end up liking. And not only because of the problems with the requirements or the TPM, but because of some configurations, such as changing the default browser.

Microsoft has risked a lot of time, money, and effort on Edge , its new browser. And the truth is that it shows. The company’s new browser is modern, compatible, and works seamlessly. Also, it has functions and features that its rival, Chrome, has yet to implement. Little by little it is gaining market share, being one step away from occupying second place. However, for Microsoft it is not enough.

Changing the Browser in Windows 11 Will Be More Complicated

The company wants more and more users to choose to use, or at least try its new web browser. And what better way to do it than not only to force them to use their new default browser, but by making it difficult to change the default browser.

You will have to choose the types of files or links by hand

Although there were many criticisms in the way of changing the default browser in Windows 10, we cannot deny that the process is relatively straightforward. We just have to go to Settings> Applications> Default applications, and choose there which we want the default browser to be.

Unfortunately, Windows 11 does not have this option. If we go to the default applications section we can see that, indeed, it allows us to change the association of certain files. However, there is no section as such that is “Web browser” , but we have to change everything by hand.

Problemas cambiar navegador por defecto en Windows 11 - 1

We must look for the types of files or links used by the browser (such as HTML, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, PDF, etc.) and change one by one the default program that we want to use.

Problemas cambiar navegador por defecto en Windows 11 - 2

In addition, Microsoft will invite us, again, to give its Edge browser a try before changing the default browser.

Problemas cambiar navegador por defecto en Windows 11 - 3

If we still decide to change, we can see the typical window from which we can choose the browser we want to use from all the ones we have installed on the computer.

Problemas cambiar navegador por defecto en Windows 11 - 4

An unnecessary way to complicate the process, and that will bring a lot to talk about.

It could still change before the final version of Windows 11

We recall that Windows 11 is still in the development phase . A lot can still happen before the release of the final version for the end of the year. The safest thing is that, finally, Microsoft will allow the change of browser (and other programs, such as the multimedia player) in a simple way from the configuration, because otherwise criticism and problems will rain on you. However, for now the company has not been mentioned in this regard.

It is also easy for browsers, and other programs, to implement a function that allows us to change all the associations at once. But to find out, we still have to wait. This same week the second Insider build of this operating system should arrive. What news will it bring us?