Changes to Adjust and Improve Videos in VLC

VLC is one of the quintessential video players worldwide. In this software we can reproduce both video and audio content, local or Internet. With everything and with it, we do not always get the desired results, at least initially.

This is because we can find that we are going to see a movie or a chapter of our favorite series, and it turns out that the colors are muted. At first we may think that the quality of the file is not good, or that we do not see well, or we simply question the quality of the screen . Be that as it may, the VLC player itself is here to help us improve this.


To improve the appearance of the videos we can perform compression or encoding tasks for the file that can take hours and is somewhat complex. It is much easier and more affordable for everyone to take advantage of some functions of programs such as VLC. So we can apply effects and filters in real time while the video is playing to improve its appearance.

Apply effects and filters to videos in VLC

VLC is a content player with some basic editing functions. For this we have some effects and filters that work in real time and that help us in what we are looking for now. To access these elements that we discussed, we first paused the video that does not look good at all. Next, click on the screen with the right mouse button and select Tools / Effects and filters.

Efectos filtros VLC

It should be mentioned that some videos may appear faded, others with splashes of moving color, others with poor colors . Therefore, we can make use of the new window that will appear on the screen. In it, after placing ourselves in the Video Effects tab, we find a series of sliding selectors that refer to the tones, contrast and saturation of the image. First of all we must enable Image Adjustment to be able to use them.

So we can change the entire range of colors with the corresponding Tone sliders, as well as the brightness, color saturation, etc. Say that the Saturation control regulates the richness of colors in a video. To the left, the video will turn black and white , while the opposite edge will make it look like an old VHS tape . You have to find the exact point.

Controles saturacion VLC

Corrects and customizes video brightness and contrast

In the event that we find that we see some gray block dancing in the black areas of the video, or the white lights and surfaces appear in a dull gray, there is a problem of brightness and contrast . Therefore in this case we should focus on the two corresponding sliders of this same section.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the interesting thing about all this is that we make the changes once we have started the video again. With this what we achieve is to see the possible improvements that occur with the slide, in real time on the image.

Similarly and going back to these settings , if the blacks and whites look good but somehow each frame looks faded, or if each makeover looks cartoonish, now we have to modify the selector called Gamma .

And for the most demanding, they can also adjust the controls seen in the Sharpen section. After activating it, we can “play” with the three selectors located here to further customize the quality of the image being played.