Changes in Windows to Improve Internet Connection Security

Changes in Windows to Improve Internet Connection Security

The Internet has become a key element for most of us on both PC and mobile. If we focus on Windows 10, which is the most common system on desktops, it offers us many functions related to this. In fact, in these lines we want to talk about how to protect our Wi-Fi Internet connection in Windows in an effective way.

When talking about the Redmond system , no one doubts that we find ourselves with a very powerful software as well as versatile for the majority. It is packed with useful features that make our daily work with the computer much easier. All we have to do is configure and customize the exposed parameters to adapt the system to our needs.

For example, if we focus on the Wi-Fi connection to the Internet , say that we have at our disposal several settings that will help us protect it. This is precisely the case that we will talk about next. Specifically, we are going to show you some basic changes that you can carry out to improve security when browsing the Internet.

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Customize access to the router

The router is a key element to access the Internet , as you know, so we have to make sure that no one except us can access it. And it is that from here you can carry out all kinds of changes in the settings. Therefore it is important to connect to this element that we are commenting on, and change the default access password. This is given by the manufacturer or the operator of the device, usually with 1234 or similar.

Therefore we must specify a new secure password in order to protect third-party access to something so important.

Choose the best encryption system and Wi-Fi key

Something basic of security in wireless networks is the encryption of the data that is transmitted. There are three protocols that are common in this regard: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Say that the first of it is obsolete, so we must opt for WPA or better WPA2 to increase security

We say that using WPA2 is preferable because it is an evolution of WPA and offers the highest level of protection. Therefore, whenever we can choose it, it is the most interesting option to protect our connection in Windows. At the same time it goes without saying that we must establish a complex and robust Wi-Fi password so that no one can access our connection without our permission.

Reduce the range of IP addresses

It can also be the case, if we have a local network set up with Windows computers , that these are always the same. Therefore disable the automatic operation of the DHCP service on the router. This element is in charge of assigning the IP addresses to each PC on the network, so if we configure those values by hand, we increase the security of the connections and the network in general.

This is something that we achieve, for example, by accessing the router from the Windows browser itself. In it, what we do is enter the desired values of the IPs manually for each of the computers that will be able to use the network as such.