Change Xbox Series X Menu Backgrounds to Animated

One of the innovations at the interface level that the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S included was the incorporation of dynamic backgrounds that allow you to enjoy a smooth and striking movement with which to bring your television wallpaper to life. This touch of customization is something that many users like, so we are going to review all the details so you can get your console ready.

What are dynamic background?

Change Xbox Series X Menu Backgrounds to Animated
Unlike the traditional wallpapers that we found so far on Xbox One, dynamic backgrounds are wallpapers with movement. If you prefer a solid color or an art image of a particular game, you will be able to continue selecting these types of still images without any problem, however, it is inevitable to fall asleep before the dynamism of moving backgrounds.

Can I use a dynamic background on Xbox One?

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No. Dynamic backgrounds are exclusive to the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, so if you’re still on the previous generation of Xbox One for now, we’re sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to configure this type of customization. At least, yes, you can continue to customize the background with images to your liking, fixed color backgrounds or images obtained from the art of the games you have installed.

How to select a dynamic background

To choose a dynamic background you must access your console settings and follow the steps below to get to the list of available backgrounds.

  • Access the configuration menu of your console. You can do it directly by pressing the Guide button and selecting the Settings option in your profile tab.

Xbox Personalizar Menú

  • Within the General section, select the Personalization option. This is where cosmetic adjustments that affect the system menus can be applied.

Xbox Personalizar Menú

  • As in this case we want to change the type of background, we are going to select the option “My background” to see the available options.

Xbox Personalizar Menú

  • On the next screen you will find the options available to customize the background of your Xbox menu. They are as follows:

Xbox Personalizar Menú

    • Game art and solid color : Here we can select a solid color that will color the background of the main menu. A simple and uncomplicated option that will add a touch of personalized color to your menu.
    • Achievement image : Select any of the backgrounds that give life to the achievements obtained in your games.
    • Custom Image : You can connect a USB memory and browse the content to select a personal photo and place it at the bottom of the main menu, just like you would on a computer.
    • Screenshot : Select any of the screenshots you have taken so far on your console. If there is a moment of a game that you especially liked, now is the time to show it off on the main screen.
    • Dynamic backgrounds : This is the option we are looking for in this tutorial, since here we can choose the moving backgrounds that arrive installed on the console. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use videos or personal animations to animate the backgrounds, so you will have to select from one of the 9 options that are available so far.

Xbox Personalizar Menú

Recall old times with the Xbox Background

Xbox Personalizar Menú

A recently introduced innovation is the dynamic background inspired by the original Xbox. Those users who were able to enjoy the first Microsoft console will surely remember that system start-up in which a green bubble gave life to the Xbox logo. That green bubble was the wallpaper of the main menu, so from Redmond they wanted to pay tribute by including it in the list of dynamic backgrounds on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

That Matrix-style aesthetic (very typical for the time) caught the attention of many users, including those who had a PlayStation in their possession. The rest is history, and today it is considered one of the most striking menus of the time.

At the moment the fund is only available to users of the Xbox Insider beta program under the name of “The Original”, but soon it should reach all users of the platform, so if you cannot find it for now, it will be a matter of time until it appears in the customization options.

Can I use a video as an Xbox background?

It is not possible to use videos or moving images to decorate the wallpaper of your console. The only option available is to select one of the nine available options that so far appear in the Dynamic Funds menu. A good option would be for Microsoft to allow you to install custom animated backgrounds based on short clips, but at the moment this option does not exist. We imagine that the function will be more complex than it might appear.