Change DNS in Windows – Best Programs

When it comes to browsing the Internet, there are several factors that can directly affect the loading time of a website. One of the basic elements of our connection is the DNS, not in vain will it be in charge of translating the domain names into IP addresses. In this way, it requests from the corresponding server the information that we are requesting through our browser.

The person in charge of assigning us a DNS automatically is our Internet provider. Still, it is something we can change on our own. With this we can increase the speed when browsing the Internet, as well as the reliability and stability of the connection. This is something that we can do from the system configuration or by using certain programs that will allow us to change the DNS in Windows 10.

Change DNS in Windows - Best Programs

What is DNS and what is it for?

DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System, which in Spanish is translated as domain name system. Its main use is to translate the name of a web page or domain to a public IP address that identifies the computer where the page we want to see is located.

When we enter our browser, it is in charge of asking the DNS server what the IP of the domain is. With it, it checks the information corresponding to that domain name and gives the browser an IP. Once this information is obtained, the browser will show us the corresponding web page. To avoid making constant queries to the DNS server, the browser is in charge of saving this information temporarily, in this way the web can be served without making this prior query.

What are the advantages of changing it?

Using a DNS server is something that can have a positive impact on our Internet connection. For example, it can help us access blocked websites, allowing us to improve security by switching to more secure DNS servers. You can also help us keep our children safe by blocking inappropriate websites, such as adult material, by selecting a family-friendly server.

Using the appropriate DNS we will also be able to speed up browsing. In addition, we find another differential factor that we must take into account, such as protection against phishing. It is one of the greatest dangers of the Internet today, since, through it, bank details or credentials of certain Internet services can be stolen. The servers can be changed manually, but if we want to simplify the process, there are different programs that will greatly allow the entire process.

Change the DNS on our Windows 10 computer

If we want to change the DNS on our Windows 10 PC manually we must enter the Configuration section. To do this we must press the keyboard shortcut Windows + I. Once there, we must select the section corresponding to “Network and Internet”.

Next, in the section “Change network settings”, we click on “Change adapter options”. Later we click with the right button on our connection and enter “Properties”. Now we must select the option “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and click on the “Properties” button.

Cambiar opciones de adaptador

Next, within the “General” tab, we must activate the option “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Finally, we fill in the addresses of our preferred and alternate DNS server (primary and secondary).

Cambiar DNS Windows 10

For this we can use public and free DNS that can be used both in Europe and in our country. Among them is the Google server (, OpenDNS Home ( or Cloudflare (, among others.

Programs to change DNS

Next, we are going to see a series of programs that will allow us to change our DNS for others in the public domain. All these applications are completely free or have a free version, so we can try them to see which one is more efficient and easy to use.

Change DNS Servers, one of the most imples options

We are facing a portable and easy-to-use application with which to change our DNS in a simple way. For this, it provides us with two servers such as Google and OpenDNS , possibly the most popular, and which should be sufficient for any home user. The process is done in a few clicks, select the network adapter, select the DNS and click on “Enable Static DNS”.

Change DNS servers

Its main drawback is that it only provides those two DNS servers, but it would not have hurt if they had included some more options. We are also unable to edit them or add our own custom servers. If we want to return to our default DNS we can use it again by clicking on “Disable Static DNS”. All simple, so that it can be used by any user.

We can download Change DNS Servers for free from the developer’s website.

DNS Jumper, the most popular option

We are now talking about a small and portable application that does not require installation to work. In it we find a list where a total of 45 DNS are included . It also allows us the possibility of adding our own servers or editing the list to update the server addresses. It is easy to use because we will only have to choose the server from a list and click on “Apply DNS”. To have a better and faster access to the program we will find it located inside the system tray.

DNS Jumper

One of its key features is the function called Turbo Resolve , through which it will inform us which servers in its database offer us the highest speed, so that we can choose the fastest DNS at the start.

DNS Jumper is a completely free application that we can download from this link.

ChrisPC DNS Switch, with 34 servers to choose from

This program will allow us to test and configure our DNS settings. It has a free version and a paid version. In the free version we will have a total of 34 servers to choose from. It will only be necessary to select the network adapter from our drop-down menu, then change the service from another drop-down menu and press Change DNS. We can also change or restore the DNS for one or all the network adapters of our PC, as well as filter the services in different categories such as normal, secure, familiar or anonymous, so that we can choose the DNS server that best suits what we are looking for. .

ChrisPC DNS Switch

Unfortunately the free version has some restrictions, as we cannot buy all the DNS servers or edit the servers, or import a list of servers. In order to perform these tasks, it will be necessary to purchase the Pro version. The free version also has an advertising banner and a pop-up window with advertising that appears sporadically.

We can download ChrisPC DNS Switch from their website.

QuickSetDNS, change and configure DNS servers quickly

It is a simple tool that will allow us to change DNS servers in a simple way. We can configure the DNS servers that we want to use from the user interface, choosing them from a list of DNS servers that we can define previously. In the case that we are more advanced users, we can define the servers from the command line , without the need to show any user interface.


From its interface we can choose whether to use the default DNS, the Google Public DNS or insert one manually. And this is where we find its main negative point, since it only offers us an alternative such as DNS and it does not have advanced options that many users may miss. What we can do is edit their properties, delete any entry from the list, search for elements using a search tool and save reports in text, CSV, HTML or XML format.

QuickSetDNS is a free and portable application, so it does not require installation. We can download it from here .

DNS Benchmark, know the best DNS servers

We are now talking about a tool that will allow us to know which are the best DNS servers for our connection. When we open the application, a list of DNS addresses is created that our computer will use to resolve domain names. We can order these addresses for those that do not respond. From its interface we can delete certain addresses or add new ones manually.

Aplicación DNS Benchmark

We can improve browsing speed by adding a DNS server that is not used by our Internet provider, but is available for public use. In this way, the application will help us to know and compare its performance to be able to choose the fastest option that suits us.

We can download DNS Benchmark for free from here .

Smart DNS Changer, recommended for advanced users

This is a relatively easy to use application and some unique features that make it necessary to take it into account as a tool to change DNS. We can select one of the 10 DNS servers that it incorporates , providing a useful description of the function that DNS performs. This can be blocking malicious sites or sites with adult material. It also allows us our own servers, being especially useful to know everything that each server offers us.

Smart DNS Changer

However, this is not a perfect application, as it has some small drawbacks. On the one hand, it must be said that its user interface looks too loaded and has ads at the bottom of the screen. It is not portable either, so we will have to install it on our system in order to use it.

Smart DNS Changer is a free program that we can download from here .

Public DNS Server Tool, ideal for occasional use

We are now talking about an application that can be considered somewhat basic in terms of features but that can be useful if we only want to change DNS address occasionally. It will only be necessary to select the network adapter from the drop-down menu at the top and then select a server from its list of 12 available options . Finally, click on Change to make the change.

Public DNS Server Tool

The program will allow us to add custom servers, and for this it will only be necessary to edit the servers.ini file that we will find in the program folder. It is true that it does not have somewhat more advanced functions that other programs such as the speed test or the comparison between servers incorporate, but it is still another interesting option to consider.

Public DNS Server Tool is free and portable software, so it does not require installation, it will only be necessary to extract the downloaded ZIP file and run it. We can download it for free from this link.

DNS Perf, know the DNS servers that work best

This time we are talking about a completely online application, so we can access it directly from our web browser. To use it, you will not need to download any type of software. Its main objective is to inform us of the DNS servers that work faster depending on where we are and the type of connection we have.

DNS Perf

At the moment we access your website, a list of public DNS servers appears, which are located on the computer depending on the response time, from lowest to highest. All DNS providers are tested every minute from more than 200 locations around the world, establishing a timeout of one second. All data is updated once an hour.

In order to access the services of DNS Perf, it is enough to access its website by clicking here.

NetSetMan, to change DNS settings

This time we are talking about a tool that can be considered somewhat different from the rest, as it has not been specifically developed to change DNS settings. On the other hand, it does have integrated functions that will help us change our DNS configuration in a simple way. The application will allow us to obtain our current configuration from our PC, where the DNS entries are included.


Later we can create up to 5 sets of additional configurations , each of which can be configured on a different public DNS server. Its main disadvantage is that we must configure this manually, which is something that will take us more time. On the other hand, if we need a program that can manage other configurations in addition to DNS, it can be of great help.

NetSetMan has a free version that we will be able to download from its website.

What software to use and change DNS to use?

As we can see, we have at our disposal a good number of programs that offer us the possibility of being able to change the DNS quickly and easily, automatically, without having to do the work manually by ourselves. As these are completely free options or with free versions we can go testing, to see which one can be more useful and effective. Among all the options that we propose DNS Jumper may be the most popular option and the one that we should not stop trying. The possibility of choosing between 45 different DNS means that we can try among a wide number of options until we find the one that offers the best performance. In addition, we can add our own servers or edit the list to update the server addresses, something that can be very useful for more advanced users.