Causes that your WiFi repeater has a bad signal and solutions

Having a Wi-Fi repeater is interesting to achieve an improvement in wireless coverage. However, it does not always work well and we must recognize the problem. In this article we are going to talk about why the repeater may have a bad signal and what we should do to avoid it. We will give some tips to get it to work as well as possible and achieve good internet speed and stability.

Why the Wi-Fi repeater is not working

Causes that your WiFi repeater has a bad signal and solutions

If you see that your wireless repeater is not working well and you cannot connect to the Internet with good speed, these reasons may be behind it. It is something relatively common, but you can avoid it if you make certain decisions to optimize the coverage and make it reach other places better.

You got it too far

One of the reasons the repeater can go bad is when it is too far away from the router. This will cause it to not receive the signal correctly. Directly it may not even receive or be too weak for other devices to connect and access the Internet.

Ideally, to prevent this from happening is to put the repeater in a place close to the router . You need to receive a good signal to be able to deal it. Therefore, look for a middle ground from which you can really take advantage of its operation. Avoid dead zones, where coverage is weak. It is important to place the Wi-Fi repeater well.

You connect to the wrong band

Normally, current repeaters allow you to navigate both in the 2.4 GHz band and in the 5 GHz band . Each has its positive and negative points. We can say that the first is the one that allows us to connect from further away although with less speed, while the second has more speed but has a more limited coverage.

If you have problems with the signal and notice that the Wi-Fi repeater does not reach well or is very weak, it may be because you are connected to the 5 GHz band. What you can do is try to connect through the 5 GHz band. of the 2.4 GHz and see if this solves the problem and you start to navigate better.

Repetidor con puerto Ethernet

is saturated

Of course, the repeater can also become saturated. This will depend on the model, since there are some that allow you to connect more devices without problems, while others may begin to have limitations as soon as we connect 4 or 5 devices. Perhaps the problem is this if you see that you have problems and you have several devices connected.

To avoid the problem, it is best to avoid connecting many devices and only have those connected that you really need at that moment. The capacity is going to be concentrated and you will be able to browse the network without so many problems.

Some device interferes

One more reason is that some connected or unconnected device could interfere. For example, if you have the repeater near a television, computer or other device, it could be affecting the signal and that will be a problem. You might see it start to cut off or not work as you would like.

Ideally, to avoid this, you should place the Wi-Fi repeater in a place isolated from other devices. Always in an area from which the signal is distributed well, but where you can avoid interference and problems.

In short, these are some of the main reasons why the Wi-Fi repeater could malfunction. Always try to have it in a good place, away from other devices that interfere and also try to make sure that the configuration is correct.