Can’t pair Xiaomi Mi Band 4? How to fix it.

The most popular sports bracelet of the moment is from Xiaomi, a small device that although it offers us a great solution to keep us connected at a reduced price, it can give us some problems when linking the Mi Band 4. We show you which with the most common failures , the causes and how we can solve them.

The configuration of the Mi Band 4 is a simple process, but in some situations it can give us problems that end up taking us more time than necessary. To avoid that all these problems spoil our use of the Xiaomi sports bracelet, we will show you what are the most common causes and how we can solve them in a few seconds.cant-pair-mi-band4

Problems logging in to Mi Fit

The first thing to do to link our new Mi Band 4 with a smartphone, as well as when changing mobile phones, is to log in to our account. In case of using Mi Fit before, it will be advisable to use the same gutter, to have the devices already linked. In case we do not have an account, the simplest is to do it using the lower buttons, for when we access again do it automatically for example with Google.

iniciar sesión mi band 4

One of the most common problems is that our account linked to Xiaomi or Google itself does not finish connecting and is thinking all the time , to avoid this, we will have to clear the cache and application data to start again with the process With this and using a stable WiFi or data network, we should not suffer the problem again. To clear the cache and data of Mi Fit we just have to go to Settings> Applications> Mi Fit and here in storage we will have the possibility to clear cache and all the data of the application.

Permits and problems arising with the Mi Band 4

When we start synchronizing the smartphone and the Mi Band 4 we will have to allow access to the storage , as well as to the location, in case we do not do it we will have to do it later manually or we can suffer several problems until we can link the device.

permisos mi band 4

To do this, we only have to go back to Settings> Applications> Mi Fit and from the permissions section, grant them at least storage and location. Once we have done this, we just have to try to pair the device again, to see if now we are successful.

Bluetooth and its problems to pair the Mi Band 4

If we have suffered any of these previous problems to link the Mi Band 4, it is likely that we try again this is the culprit later. The Mi Band 4 emits a visible Bluetooth connection for all devices until we link it to our account, this makes it time to link it to our mobile and leave it semi connected, but not linked, the mobile recognizes it and the Mi Fit account No or vice versa.

problemas vincular Mi Band 4 Bluetooth

To avoid this, the best thing we can do is tell our mobile phone to forget this device within the Bluetooth connection, so that when we do it again definitively and without more account errors when logging in or permissions, we have everything ready and Without suffering mistakes. To do this, we will have to enter Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and click on the Mi Band 4 to be able to choose later to forget it and that these problems do not happen again.