Can you use a smart watch without a mobile?

Smart watches are an almost essential accessory for many people. They are very versatile and have more and more functions so that we can control our health, physical activity, sports, notifications and much more. Therefore, you may have ever wondered if you can use your smartwatch without a mobile.

use a smart watch without a mobile

Although most watches need it to work, there are others that can work perfectly without you having a phone or even without it being around. Therefore, we are going to clarify a little more about the subject and how you can know if your smart watch or bracelet, or the one you are going to buy, can work without a smartphone.

Watches with LTE connectivity work without a mobile

There are many watch models that have LTE connectivity , through which you can connect a SIM card, usually an eSIM, to be able to use them, even if you don’t have your smartphone with you.


In this way, you can use it to receive or make calls and messages without having to have a mobile. Thus, the watch works as a multimedia system and can do many things without requiring anything else. You will also be able to access the Internet and track GPS locations from your wrist directly on your watch thanks to the SIM.

Imagine that you want to go out to play sports, run or any activity, but your phone bothers you or you have nowhere to take it, but you want to have the option of making an emergency call or you don’t want to lose your communications. You can do this with watches with LTE (or 4G) connectivity, even if you don’t set up the eSIM.

Currently, there are more models that come without this technology than with it, and those that do have it are not the cheapest models, but it is conceivable that in the future their catalog will increase significantly and they may even be more accessible than today, although this we cannot confirm. For this reason, many people tend to opt for a watch that depends on their mobile , although some are unaware that there is another option.

Apple Watch Series 8

Among the most outstanding models of watches with this connectivity , we can mention:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 , a high-performance Samsung model that right now has a very good discount of almost 100 euros less than its usual price. It is very good for health and sports monitoring.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 , one of the best models at the moment with this possibility, although it works on models with iOS such as iPhone.
  • OPPO Watch LTE , a model with a double curved screen with great performance and many possibilities.
  • Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra 4G/LTE. This is another connected model that becomes an excellent option if you are looking for the cheapest, right now for less than 300 euros with an Amazon coupon. It has Dual screen technology, works with Vodafone OneNumber and Orange eSIM and offers you many health and sports activity management options.

You can use these features without a smartphone

It should also be taken into account that many functions of your watch can work without you having to take the phone with you and independently if these are the ones that interest you. Thus, for example, the time, monitoring of your health and sports activity and other functions that do not require connectivity will work on your watch, even if you do not have a mobile phone.


Of course, if you install the corresponding app on a mobile at some point and connect it via Bluetooth, you will later be able to find out in more detail the information that your smartwatch has collected and make the adjustments that you consider appropriate. If you want to access all the functions of your watch, you will need a mobile phone or a watch with LTE, but if this is not the case and what matters to you are certain options that do not require connectivity, you may not need it.

What you can’t do on your watch without a mobile

If you do not have a watch with LTE connectivity and you do not carry your mobile with you, there are many functions that will not work for you, such as:

  • Answer or make calls
  • Access new messages
  • Check the weather
  • Use Google Maps or receive directions to a place
  • Receive notifications from messaging apps and many others
  • Control other devices from your watch
  • Listen to music if you don’t have it in your memory
  • Connect to the Internet