Can you refund a payment with Apple Pay?

The arrival of Apple Pay on Apple devices, but especially on the iPhone, was a tremendous joy for the vast majority of users, since it provided a really convenient and simple way to pay with your mobile device. However, some of those purchases end up in returns and with the question of whether or not Apple Pay can be used to receive said refund. Well, in this post we explain it to you.

Can you refund a payment with Apple Pay

Can refunds be received with Apple Pay?

As we said, every day there are more users who use their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay in different stores , all thanks to Apple Pay. Of course, you have to bear in mind that in order to use it, your bank has to be compatible with this service from the Cupertino company, it is something that you have to check because, unfortunately, there are some entities that have not yet given their clients that possibility. In fact, Apple Pay is not yet available in some countries.

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When making a purchase with Apple Pay, it is possible that, later, the user will have to return the product they have purchased, and that is when the doubt arises as to whether they can also use Apple Pay to receive the refund of the purchase you are returning. Well, the answer is yes , in the same way that you can use Apple Pay to pay, you can also use it to receive a refund.

Of course, you have to take into account a number of aspects. Apple Pay not only offers you an easy and convenient way to pay with your credit and debit cards, but also gives you extra security when paying . In some cases, this can cause some inconvenience when it comes to receiving a refund. It is possible that you find yourself in the situation that you have paid for the purchase with the Apple Watch, and then when you receive the refund you want to do it with the iPhone, in this case it will give you an error, since despite the fact that it is the same card, Apple ensures that the transaction, for security reasons, is carried out with a different number on each of your devices, so that you will have to use the same equipment to make both the purchase and to later recover the amount previously paid.

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Once you know this information, keep all these series of requirements in mind when correctly using this convenient and useful service provided by the Cupertino company, which has caused many people to forget to carry those wallets full of cards , replacing them with their iPhone, with which they can pay in each and every one of the shops that accept card payment. In addition, there are more and more online businesses that also make it easier for you to pay with Apple Pay , saving you many steps in which you usually have to enter the shipping address and personal data. In short, Apple Pay, used properly, generates nothing more than advantages for users of devices with the apple logo.