Can someone know what you are looking for on the Internet?

Do you feel concerned about your online privacy and worry that others may have access to your internet browsing history? If you are the owner of the router, there is no need to worry. However, if you are using a router as a tenant, it’s natural to feel a sense of distrust while browsing the internet. But rest assured, the reality might be different than what you perceive.

Law enforcement agencies and other authorities have the capability to track our online activities. It’s possible that the router you are using may be storing data about the websites you visit, unbeknownst to you. If you are worried about your search history being known by someone else, we can shed some light on how this process works.

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Yes history is stored

When you perform an internet search, the history of that search gets saved in multiple locations. Deleting it from your computer or mobile device only removes it from the browser history, but the websites you visited may still have a record of your search. Additionally, your IP address retains a search history record.

Most home routers used commonly do not have the capability to save search history. However, routers with advanced features may have sufficient storage to store thousands of searches.

By default, this feature is usually disabled in router settings. Even if you manage to access the router’s history, it can be challenging to determine which specific devices were used. In households with multiple family members, all devices connect to the same router, making it difficult to identify whether it was a mobile device or a tablet.

For parents who are less familiar with computers, it can be challenging to monitor if their child is accessing certain websites. The search records appear in numerical format, showing the IP address and the website’s URL. However, it is not possible to determine the specific content that was viewed. If you have concerns about your child’s online safety, it is advisable to use parental controls as an additional precaution.

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It is crucial to understand that routers are not primarily designed to store internet browsing history. Their main purpose is to store information related to the operating system, credentials, administrator passwords, and configuration files. Therefore, most consumer-grade routers do not have the capability to provide detailed information about visited websites or search history.

However, there are some advanced routers available in the market that offer extended functionalities, including the ability to store thousands of search histories. These routers may allow users to configure the retention period for search histories, potentially spanning over several months.

It’s important to note that such routers are typically more expensive than standard consumer-grade routers. So, if you specifically require the capability to store and access browsing history, investing in a higher-end router with these features may be an option worth considering.

What if I delete my browser history?

Apologies for the confusion. You are correct that browser history and router history are not the same and stored differently. Deleting browser history on your computer will not affect the router’s logs, and someone else using your computer would not be able to access your browsing history. To remove router history, you would need to log in to the router’s settings page and delete the recorded steps.

By default, routers do not log any history. However, if enabled in the settings, the router can store browsing history. It’s important to be aware of a common misconception that history is automatically erased when you disconnect and reconnect. To clear the router’s history, you would need to perform a reboot or clear the history log, depending on the specific router model and settings.

If you perform a hard reset on the router by pressing the “Reset” button on the back for 10 to 20 seconds, the device will be restored to its factory settings. In this case, the Wi-Fi history can be cleared as well.

Thank you for clarifying these important points about browser history and router history.