Can I use Debian as the operating system to play games?

For many years, Windows has become the most widely used desktop operating system for gaming. Not for nothing is it the most widespread system on this platform and that we find on most computers, although Linux developers also have something to say, something that reaches the popular Debian.

And you have to take into consideration that games are becoming more and more widespread on the platform, something that their creators are perfectly aware of. However, the open source Linux system has never been characterized as being specially designed for such tasks. With everything and with it, there are some content creators who change that trend a bit with projects that bring videogames closer to the Linux-based PC . Along these same lines we want to focus on one of the best known distributions such as Debian.

Can I use Debian as the operating system to play games

Here we talk about one of the most popular and widespread distros that also wants to get closer to the world of games. In fact, in these same lines we want to talk about the possibilities you have of using Debian as a native system when playing on your PC. There is no doubt that this software will be of great help to us for many other tasks, especially those related to the professional world. Seeing something that we must take into consideration is that it will also help us to play . Next, we will talk about the possibilities you have in this regard if you make this determination.

As with many other Linux distributions, we can use some tools and platforms that will serve as an intermediary to enjoy our games here on Debian.

How to Play My Favorite Games on Debian

Well, once we have reached this point we will tell you that one of the most common possibilities for a long time is to use the emulator called Wine . As you probably already know many of the usual Linux systems, this is a powerful emulator that we find on most computers. It natively offers us everything we need to be able to enjoy our Windows applications in Linux without any problem . This is something that is also extended to Debian, so it becomes an excellent proposal to enjoy our video games here.

In the same way, in recent times there is a lot of talk about the tool called Proton. Here we find a tool from Valve, proprietary of Steam, which works similarly to the aforementioned Wine.

proton linux

What is achieved here is that a game created for Windows can be run on Linux without any problem in a simple and more effective way, without simulations. One of the main advantages that we find in Proton is that it is very easy to configure and start up. It is worth mentioning that the entire process is carried out from the Steam client for Linux.

And to finish with all this that we tell you, to enjoy our games in the best way in the Debian distribution, we can also make use of the AMD / NVIDIA drivers . The most recent versions of these offer us the necessary functions to be able to enjoy our favorite titles in the open source system.