Can I take a 4G or 5G router abroad on vacation?

When you think of a solution that allows you to have Internet on your devices away from home, one of the first options that will come to mind is going to be to use a 4G or 5G router. These devices are really useful to enjoy the Internet without having to contract a fiber tariff, and that is why they are so popular. Perhaps you have wondered if these routers will also serve you if you are going abroad , and this article is going to answer that question.

As we say, these types of devices are genuinely useful to have Internet without the ties that a fixed fiber service entails. In addition, they are extremely simple devices, since to use them we only need to have a SIM card with data inside so that we can enjoy the Internet connection.

Can I take a 4G or 5G router abroad on vacation

Everything will depend on the SIM card that you carry inside

As you have read above, these devices are very useful if we want the Internet, but we do not have access to a fixed connection at that time . These devices are also quite comfortable to wear, since they are usually quite small. Most of them have their own battery, so we can even use them without being connected to electricity.

It is true that the way they work, one might think that it is more comfortable to directly use a mobile device with what is known as tethering , that is, sharing the Internet from one device to another. However, 4G or 5G routers are much better in this scenario, and will allow us to connect a good number of devices to them without having too many latency or speed problems (although it will always depend on the coverage).

Now, does it make sense for us to take this device with us if we are going to travel abroad? The truth is that it makes a lot of sense, although everything will depend on the SIM card that this device carries inside and the country to which we are going to travel. This is because we are going to need the card to be able to use the network of our destination, and for that it is important that we can enjoy roaming in the country to which we are going to move.

In this sense, everything will depend a lot on what our operator is, since not all of them have the same type of roaming. As long as we are going to move around the European Union, it is most likely that we will not have any type of problem, regardless of the operator whose SIM card is inside the portable router. Now, things will be very different if we travel to other countries outside the Union, since in these countries the operator may charge us for using data with our router .

If you plan to travel to several places or to travel to one and stay there for a longer time, what will interest you is to acquire a SIM card in the country of destination . In this way, we will not have to worry about spending more on the bill and we will be able to use our router without fear. As a curiosity, the use of these devices is widespread throughout the world, and in some countries such as Japan they are called “pocket WiFi“, or pocket WiFi.