Can I rename Alexa on my Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo devices are quite common today in many homes. They allow us to activate with different voice commands different smart devices in our house such as plugs, light bulbs or televisions, among others. It is a great convenience when performing different tasks since it is not necessary to even move from where you are for the device to obey your orders. In order to activate any of these commands, it is necessary to use the activation word “Alexa” , or otherwise, the device will ignore us.

However, did you know that you can change that trigger word? The only thing to keep in mind is that we only have two other options along with Alexa, which are Amazon and Echo.

Can I rename Alexa on my Amazon Echo

How do I change the name of my Amazon Echo?

To change the activation word of our Amazon Echo device, we will have to follow the following steps:

The first of all will be to have the Amazon Alexa application installed on our Smartphone. After that, in the menu we will have to choose “More” and then “Settings”

Within the configuration menu we will see several options, but for what we want to do, we will have to choose “Device configuration”.

By giving it, we will get all the devices that we have linked to our Amazon Echo. In fact, now we have to select said device to continue with the configuration.

Different options will appear, including the status or the alarms and timers that we have programmed. However, we will have to click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

Once we are in that menu, we will see how many more options come out, among which, finally, we will find the option “Activation word”

When we get there, the three options available to change the activation word will appear. Among Alexa, Echo and Amazon, we can choose the word that we like the most.

Confusions or misunderstandings can be avoided

Although the device is popularly known as Alexa, there may be families who want to change the name of the device. It may be the case of a family whose daughter is named Alexa. The family will prefer to rename the device to avoid unnecessary confusion.

It may also be the case that we have more than one Amazon Echo device in our house. In this case, it is best to give each one a different name to avoid possible misunderstandings.

It would be great if we could insert the trigger word we want, but it seems that at the moment this possibility is not contemplated.