Can I remove advertising from my Kindle?

Electronic books allow us to carry hundreds of titles in one place without having to carry heavy copies of hundreds of pages if we choose to read during the commute to work or want to carry several books with us while we are traveling. Its battery is durable and allows us to read anywhere. What can be annoying to us is the advertising that our Kindle shows, is it possible to get rid of it?

If you are a lover of reading and a book lasts you a long time, a Kindle is a very good option that offers many advantages over a traditional paper book. Now, both formats do not have to be at odds and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, it is rare that we find advertising in a paper book, which in itself we will have in an electronic book like the Kindle. The good news is that there are two ways to get rid of advertising for this device from Amazon.

remove advertising from my Kindle

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Before doing anything with your Kindle, you should have it updated. It is essential to update the ebook automatically or force the new version manually if necessary. These devices have always been quite affordable and one way to make them cheaper is by offering ad-supported versions . Most users think it’s worth it, but if you have a Kindle and you’re sick of seeing ads you can remove them.

If you’ve changed your mind about Amazon sponsored ads and screensavers, you can unsubscribe from this service by making a one-time payment to have the ads removed from your Kindle.

Through Amazon you will have to access the “Manage your content and devices” section and then access the Kindle. Through “Special offers” you will have to click on “Remove offers”. At this point, a pop-up window will open showing you the price of removing the ads (around $20). To finish the process and remove advertising from your Kindle you will have to select “Finish offers and pay the fee”. The fee to say goodbye to ads on your Kindle may vary depending on the version of the ebook you have.

eliminar publicidad en kindle

Remove free advertising from your Kindle

The first option is to checkout, but some users claim that it is possible to remove advertising from a Kindle for free. What you need to do is talk to someone in support and politely ask them to remove the ads.

In this video you will be able to see the process in which you basically have to access your Amazon account and follow a few simple steps by accessing the “Our devices” section and accessing the “Help” section located in the footer. If we try to contact Amazon stating that we have a problem with our Kindle. Doing so will open a chat window in which you will have to explain the problem. This is the important moment where you have to indicate “Removing ads from Kindle 7th gen” (or the generation to which your Kindle belongs).

From this moment someone from support will connect to the chat. Normally, the support person tells you the price of removing advertising on your Kindle, as explained above, but there have been cases in which Amazon support has decided to remove advertising for free . It is not a guarantee of anything, but by trying it we do not lose anything.