Can I redeem a Steam game on the Epic Store?

The success of games on the PC platform at the moment is beyond doubt, and there are several factors that have influenced all of this. Here elements such as current PCs, video games as such, or online stores such as Steam or Epic Games that provide them to us in a simple way come into play.

In this way we have equipment and its corresponding components powerful enough to run the most current titles at our fingertips. At the same time game developers try to adapt to the needs of users and their devices. However, this PC video game industry would probably not be what it is today without the stores and platforms that allow us to buy and download these titles.

Can I redeem a Steam game on the Epic Store

Not only that, but proposals such as the aforementioned Steam or the Epic Games Store offer us a series of interesting additional functions in their clients. These are the programs that we install in the corresponding operating system and that give us access to both the store and our library. As we told you, these programs offer us additional functions that will help us when managing the games, or even interacting with other users .

Thanks to its enormous market penetration, being a leader in the sector, Valve’s Steam offers us a very complete client. On the other hand, we find the program that we can install belonging to the Epic Store. This is a proposal that is growing little by little both in terms of availability of titles and functionality. In the same way, it is possible that in both online stores we have titles from our personal library .

Add games from my Steam library to Epic

We talk about these two proposals in the form of PC game stores, but there are many other very interesting alternatives on the market. Perhaps Steam and Epic Games are among the most popular, and therefore in which we have a larger library. We tell you all this because it may be the case that on some occasion we have considered redeeming Steam games in the Epic Store .

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For example, this would be a good alternative when it comes to combining titles from both platforms into one and having a larger library. Well, at this point it is worth mentioning that the Epic client at the moment does not allow us to carry out this movement . While the Steam client does allow us to add games belonging to the Epic Games Store library, in this case we will have to settle for enjoying our games added from this store.

It is worth mentioning that recently and at the request of its many users, the developers of this store have added the Cart function to it. This is in addition to the features that are gradually coming to the Epic client that we have mentioned. All this, we assume that in order to meet the needs of users and game lovers. Therefore, it would not be surprising if in the future we had the opportunity to redeem our Steam games on the Epic Games Store.