Can I add my games on CD or DVD to Steam?

The most common thing just a few years ago was to go to our favorite store and buy games in CD or DVD format . However, in recent times this has noticeably changed largely thanks to today’s digital stores. A clear example of all this can be found with the giant Steam, which is sure to be more than familiar to most of you.

From here we have the possibility to choose, buy, download, install our favorite video games directly and immediately. In addition, here we will have our own library of titles that we can complete as we add new games. But keep in mind that this software proposal that Valve offers us is not only limited to a store as such. Similarly, we can interact with other users registered on the platform , exchange objects, share content and much more.

Can I add my games on CD or DVD to Steam

We carry out all this after registering for free on the platform itself through credentials that we must take care of and keep. And it is that we probably do not want anyone else to be able to access our library of Steam games and applications without permission. At the same time, as the years go by, it is more than likely that many of you will feel proud of the size and content of this store of software titles . But we must bear in mind that we can not only add digital elements bought in this same store here, but we can also add external games.

Thus, at this point many of you may wonder about the possibility of adding those video games that we have in physical CD or DVD format.

Options when adding CD and DVD games to Steam

Well, at this point we will tell you that there are three possible situations to solve this question that we present to you. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of adding our games in physical CD or DVD format to the Steam library . The first thing we should know is that adding these titles directly and conventionally is going to be quite limited. In fact, we can tell you that only some of the most current games provide us with their own password to activate it on the digital platform. This is something that is sometimes done for security and DRM issues.

On the contrary, and if we focus on the second of the possibilities that we are faced with here, we will tell you that in most cases we will not be able to add these video games to our library . That at least directly, but we can carry out another somewhat more cumbersome but effective process.

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And it is that the third of the possibilities for this objective that we are talking about begins by installing on our computer those games that we have on physical support. Once they are available for execution on the computer, we will have the possibility of adding them manually to Steam. We do this in a conventional way as if it were an external digital title on the platform. But with everything and with it they will be added to our library and we will be able to execute them from the corresponding client of the store.