Can the government spy on my mobile IMEI?

Surely you already know, but each of the mobiles that manufacturers launch have a specific IMEI number , that is, a numerical code that is unique. Although, sometimes they can have two. This figure is what is responsible for giving identification to smartphones, and it is that you could get to buy with the identity number of each person.

However, the IMEI offers us different advantages such as the simple fact of blocking it in the event that we lose the smartphone or it has been stolen, in order to block phone calls for example. However, it can also have its negative part as we will see below. For this reason, it is time to answer if the owner’s question really has an answer.

Can the government spy on my mobile IMEI

A mobile can be punctured by the IMEI

One of the great unknowns that many users have is whether they can control their mobile devices in any way. Leaving aside all the different methods that hackers carry out to enter our terminals, the truth is that we are facing a totally real and justified fear. More than anything, because the short and direct answer to the previous question is if they will be able to spy on us .


However, everything will depend on the data that we have provided when buying a certain mobile device. This means that no matter how much the smartphone has IMEI, they will not know whose terminal it is if they do not have purchase data. Therefore, there will not be an exact way to spy on us .

On the contrary, if we have that our data is registered by a certain operator, the government of our country could request a search warrant to be able to access the IMEI of our mobile device.

In this way, they could easily locate us. Even if we change our SIM card for a prepaid one, they can continue to track our location. And all thanks to this identification number of our mobile phone. In addition to that they would not be the only ones in being able to achieve this objective, since hackers could also achieve this. However, it is not something that usually happens every day.

IMEI números móvil

What if I change the IMEI?

Answering this question is somewhat complicated. Basically because it can really be done, but there is a negative side, and that is that it is not a simple process or that it can be done through a totally legal application or computer program.

To be able to do so, you will need to be a root user and have full control over mobile devices. In addition, although in other countries it is completely legal, the truth is that in Europe it is against the law. Of course, if we were to change it on our own, it would not be a complicated task to find it, since there are databases that have records of IMEI numbers . Even when we change that number of our terminal.