Can Bizum be used with WhatsApp?

Bizum, one of the most popular mobile money transfer systems with more than 18 million users, broke all -time transaction records in October and is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The expression “Make a Bizum” has spread like wildfire, but can we send a Bizum on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has worked for years to create a system that allows you to send money between users of the application. WhatsApp Pay is the long-awaited function that will allow us to pay for our purchases through the instant messaging application and complete payments without having to leave the app. A function that is not currently available in Spain, but is available in countries such as India or Brazil. Sending or requesting money through mobile applications is an increasingly widespread practice with which we can comfortably settle accounts with our friends and make purchases online among other functions.

Can Bizum be used with WhatsApp

Possible thanks to BBVA Cashup

Although WhatsApp Pay is not yet available in Spain, we have the possibility to send money from the mobile through the application using Bizum with a Spanish bank. If you are a BBVA customer, you can integrate Bizum into the messaging applications using BBVA Cashup. The operation of this payment system is very simple and is available on both Android and iOS.

To start using Bizum with WhatsApp it is necessary that we have the BBVA CashUp application installed, that is, we must be clients of the bank. Within the application we will go to the Bizum section where logically we will have to be registered to be able to use it. If we are BBVA customers, a pop-up window may appear inviting us to activate the function with the following message: “Do you want to send money while you chat? Find out here ”. If we click on the message, it will give us the option to activate BBVA Cashup on the keyboard from Settings. This is the application’s way of integrating as if it were a native keyboard. Once we have this keyboard active, just go to WhatsApp and start sending money to the person you want. It will give us the option to select the amount and we will have to validate the operation using the BBVA access codes.

Once we send money through the BBVA Cashup keyboard, we will have to select the normal keyboard in order to continue having a conversation. If we use Bizum with WhatsApp, the user to whom we want to send the money will also have to have Bizum activated in order to receive the money.

Other banks don’t have it

BBVA Cashup is not a new system, in fact it has been available for four years. Not only does it allow us to send money with WhatsApp, but it is also possible to do it with any messaging app. It is an alternative that BBVA has implemented but that other banks have not yet launched to develop for their clients.

If, for example, we find ourselves in a situation in which a friend tells us that we forgot to pay him our share of dinner last night, if we are BBVA customers it will not be necessary to leave the conversation that we are having via WhatsApp in order to carry out sending the money with the amount we want. Payment through messaging applications is more widespread in other countries such as China, but it sure does not take long to integrate this type of utilities into our day-to-day lives.