Can an old SIM card affect the speed of the mobile?

If you have had a SIM card for several years and you haven’t changed it properly because you kept the phone before or you simply don’t consider it necessary because it works well for you, you may start having problems and wonder if this may be due to the card or there are other problems. factors. Therefore, this time we analyze whether the SIM card can affect the speed of the mobile.

So that you can respond to this concern, the first thing you should analyze is how old your card is , because with 3 or 4 years it is very likely that you will not have any problems, and if it is in good condition or perfectly clean, but if your card is more than 10 or 20 years old things change. It is worth removing it from the mobile to check its general condition, clean it and analyze it better, as well as see what Internet network it is prepared for.

Can an old SIM card affect the speed of the mobile

Does it affect your internet speed?

Although an old card the size of your mobile that has not been trimmed would allow you to comfortably navigate the 4G network , in the case of cards that are many years old, it could affect navigation because they are not prepared for current technologies.

If your SIM has been manufactured for models designed for lower technology, such as 2G, it may not work well in more recent devices prepared to work with other networks such as 3G or 4G. However, if it is old and is prepared for more current navigations, you will not have any problem depending on the speed of the Internet connection that you require.

On the other hand, SIM cards can end up being damaged over time and, this is the most important thing, cause problems when connecting to the device’s processor , making it unable to connect to the wireless network. That’s where the network problems would come from.

The problem is that SIM cards that are very old or that have been changed many times from mobile phones get dirty or damaged , thus affecting the phone’s data. Therefore, it is good to remove them, clean them and try again after checking their condition.

And in its performance and speed in general?

As SIMs can influence the performance of the mobile processor , they could also affect its general speed. If they deteriorate or are in poor condition, or get dirty, the performance will be lower for the reasons indicated above. In this case, it is best to ask for a duplicate as soon as possible.

We have information that some SIMs will be integrated into the mobile processor, which will provide you with greater mobile performance and greater system integration, as companies such as Qualcomm, Vodafone and Thales have been able to verify, so this could be the future of the cards that are not sent. These offer higher performance than old SIMs, and even those that are not so old but are not integrated into the processor.

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If your mobile is slow, the card may have an influence, although the problem could also be another.

Can my old SIM connect to 5G?

Regarding 5G technology, it is necessary to have a specific card. For this reason, the most advisable thing is that if you want to take advantage of the greatest possibilities of your mobile and the area in which you are, request a duplicate SIM in your company to appreciate positive changes. Mobiles with many years will not be able to connect at the maximum speeds or take advantage of the performance of maximum speed zones.


Current cards with 4G coverage can be valid with 5G, but if you have a very old SIM with less network coverage, it will not allow you to connect at maximum speed. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy the Internet at a lower speed. You can check the connectivity you have from the settings of your mobile. You may be surprised that despite being a few years old, it can be connected.

In case of doubt, it is best to change your card for a new one , especially if yours is already a few years old, since on many occasions we change our mobile several times and the card remains the same and this is not the easiest decision. successful.