How to call from iPhone to Android by FaceTime

Like every year, Apple introduced several new features in the iPhone through iOS 15. Among them, the changes in Safari or the new concentration modes have stood out, while FaceTime has also had pleasant news. However, the latter is not yet so well known that calls can already be made to devices that have Android or Windows.

Apple has not released its FaceTime application to other systems than its devices, but it does now allow them to access these video calls via the web . To do this, you must have iOS 15 or a later version installed, in the same way that it is possible to do it on iPad with iPadOS 15 and Mac with macOS Monterey . And, regarding the Android or Windows computer, you would not need anything beyond having internet, a web browser and a camera.

call from iPhone to Android by FaceTime

You must first create a link to the call

The great video call applications have long had the possibility of creating meeting rooms that can be accessed through a link and that is precisely what has come to FaceTime in the latest versions. It is possible to create links to video calls and, by sharing them, allow other people to access. This is fully valid for other users with iPhone, iPad or Mac, which will access through their native FaceTime app, but it is also the way for those with Android and Windows to access.

To do this, you simply need to open the FaceTime app on your iPhone. Once you do, you will see that at the top, right next to “New FaceTime”, the option ” Create link ” appears. Well, you must click on this and a menu will automatically open like the one that appears in the following image.

compartir enlace facetime

The link is already generated and you will see that you have the option to share it through various services and applications such as AirDrop, Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram… You also have the possibility to directly copy the link to the clipboard and paste it yourself where you think convenient. You just have to send it to the person you want to join, join yourself from the created link and wait.

It should be noted that the link to said video call will be saved permanently for you to access at any time, although it can be deleted from the application’s home screen itself. You just have to slide it to the left and the option to delete it will appear.

What does the other person have to do?

Whoever receives your link will only have to open it. Depending on the application with which you have shared it, as well as the mobile you have, it will open directly in one browser or another. The fact is that once you do, you must request to join the call and enter your name . And ready.

facetime android

The process is extremely simple and you can now establish a normal conversation as if the other person had an iOS device. Although, yes, it will have restricted some functions that remain exclusive to Apple products. For example, blur the background, activate microphone noise cancellation or add effects to the image such as Memoji.