Calculators for Mac: the Best Apps Available

Every day we are all forced to perform calculations. From the most basic such as addition or subtraction, to the most complex such as solving equations or calculating the area of a three-dimensional object. The most valuable ally in these situations are calculators, and there are many that can be found in the App Store for Mac. In this article we will show you the most relevant ones.

Finding the perfect calculator

Each user has a different profession and a different goal with a calculator . Right now in the App Store you can find scientific and basic calculators which differ in the operations that can be done. If you are a person who needs to perform complex operations such as equations or trigonometric operations, the scientist is made for you. If you only need to do simple calculations such as addition, subtraction or percentages, you will be less burdened with a basic one. That is why it should be important to know in advance the use that you are going to give it.

Calculators for Mac: the Best Apps Available

Another important aspect is the aesthetic one . An old-looking calculator can be annoying to use, as it is sometimes nice to be working in an aesthetically pleasing environment. In many cases, those applications that are open source or free can end up being aesthetically ugly although fully functional. And the price is also another point to take into account since right now you can find free or paid calculators. It will depend on choosing one or the other of the frequency with which you use calculators in your day to day.

The simplest ideal for any moment

If you are looking for something simple with which to perform basic operations, there are calculators for it. With a simple click you will be able to have your result eliminating all the functionalities that you will never use focused on another niche.

Smart calculator


If you are looking for a calculator in which you do not have vision problems this is the best possible option. It is one of the largest that you will find in the application store and it is focused mainly on the easy calculations that are carried out daily. It is also quite colorful since you can customize the colors of the buttons to suit your most personal taste.

It has a three-digit system to facilitate viewing and at any time you can make a copy and paste to other documents. It includes the separators for thousands and specific decimals and gives the calculations in radians and degrees. It has memory buttons to be able to store the different values that you are using to be able to reuse them. Although it has a section dedicated to more advanced functions, it is interesting to use it as a basic calculator.



EasyCalculator is a simple application that will satisfy your daily calculation needs. It’s easy to use and has a sleek design that integrates with the system so it doesn’t stand out too much. It also includes a transparency system that allows it to be used over other programs without covering anything at all. This is ideal for making accounts having data from different web pages.

It integrates a history section to be able to have all the clear accounts that you have been able to make in case it is necessary to recover them. You can also paste values from other pages in a comfortable way and also copy the results you get. In the event that you only need to have the calculator on the screen, you can put it in full screen to be able to use it in a more comfortable way.

Calculator pro


A simple calculator that will suit your daily calculation needs. Calculate decimals, percents and much more in this perfectly designed top bar app. It is a simple calculator that will take care of your daily bills. It is ready to move on any Mac both in a separate window and by anchoring to the top bar. In this way it adapts to each of the situations you have.

It also integrates a transparency mode so that it is not so annoying and you can work with other windows simultaneously. Includes up to forty numbers on the screen, it can be opened at startup. The only problem we see is that a login must be made to use it, since in this way all your configuration is saved at the moment. And if you don’t like the default design colors, you can change them to suit you.

Soulver 3


We all have in mind the design that a calculator should have: grid with all the numbers and functions on the bottom while the result is on the top. This is not what you find in Soulver where you bet on a totally different design. This is a calculator that acts like a programming program when it comes to aesthetics. He wants to transfer the experience to that of a simple piece of paper where you try to solve the different operations.

In other words, the application will detect the text. If you put the phrase ‘50% of 12’ at the moment it will give you that the result is 6. That is, you can write naturally without having to do the calculation ‘0.5 * 12’. This is undoubtedly a very good support for everyone who does not want to think about the operation to do for a percentage or simply to make a change in monetary value.

Developer: Zac Cohan

Scientific calculators and other more complete



Simple calculator that is based on the functions used in a spreadsheet but integrated into the toolbar itself. In this way the access is practically instantaneous since you should not have a dedicated window for the calculator bothering you. This calculator will only be seen on the screen when you hover over the corresponding icon, although if you want to always have it in view, you can set it by superimposing it on the rest of the windows.

It integrates perfectly with the dark mode and includes basic arithmetic operations such as multiplication, division or addition. It also goes a step further by integrating the trigonometric functions and an integrated constant such as Pi. Each of the actions available has an integrated description that you can consult at any time to know what you are doing.

Developer: Aubree Kendall


The most recommended option for scientists, engineers, students or programmers due to the wealth of functions. It includes an optional RPN mode and a multi-line display with a selection of button layouts to suit your personal tastes. It also includes a set of unit and constant conversions that is ideal for anyone who works with different magnitudes.

It integrates a paper tape and multiple undo and redo functions in case you make a mistake doing the math. And if you work in the world of science or engineering, you will have hexadecimal, octa and binary calculations support. In addition, it also integrates scientific notation making it finally a true scientific calculator like those used in physics in any career.

Developer: TLA Systems Ltd.

Math calculator


This is an extremely comprehensive application with numerous common math formulas. These include: hexadecimal converter, greatest common divisor, least common multiple, prime factorization, rooting, exponentiation, trigonometric function, inverse trigonometric function, hyperbolic function, logarithm, and angular transformation. It is also fully compatible with the latest versions of macOS.

Aesthetically it is quite well integrated with the operating system. It can be put in full screen comfortably or even zoomed. This allows you to have an extremely productive tool that will allow you to keep up with all your calculations. It should also be noted that it is an application in constant development and that it does not have any type of advertisement.

NCalc Scientific Calculator

This application stands out at first for its natural visualization. This translates into being able to include the equations that are made on paper in a very simple way so that they can be solved. Here the fractions, roots, exponents are also integrated to be able to have exactly what appears in a textbook but in digital. The distribution is exactly the same as that of a traditional calculator.

Two different modes can be found: symbolic and numeric. The equation solver that it integrates can get you out of trouble to be able to solve general, cubic, quadratic and quartic equations. In addition, it can also solve inequalities. Without a doubt, the feature list goes on forever and we think it may turn out to be the best calculator that can be used on any Mac.

What we recommend

If you are a person who studies daily with equations or numbers, either because you work in engineering or you are studying, the NCalc application is the most recommended. It integrates numerous advanced calculation functions such as the equations resolution system. This in the long run can save you a lot of time when it comes to having results of the exercises you are doing or the laboratory calculations that you must carry out.

In the event that you are a person who is not going to make use of cosines, sines or integrals, it is best to have a basic calculator. Of all those that we have discussed, one of the most interesting and also curious for its concept is Soulver 3 since it bets on the text itself. Nobody thinks of writing on a calculator but now this is possible since with a simple command that you would ask in Google it will make the calculation quickly.