Buy fake clothes and food: madness is triggered in the metaverse

A few weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook or Instagram, began to talk to us about his concept of the metaverse . From that moment on, it has not stopped generating news with many followers and generating some controversy. Many technology companies are joining this trend, although we can also doubt its real usefulness, as we will see.

Keep in mind that, although the description of this concept is not simple, we are facing a virtual world full of digital elements. For this, the development and growth of all this will play a fundamental role in certain technologies that we have been talking about for years. To give you an idea, here we talk about elements such as virtual and augmented reality. But that is not all, but also the popular cryptocurrencies or NFTs are going to play a key role.

madness is triggered in the metaverse

Lately we have heard that some important firms related to video games want to be an important part of this metaverse. All this despite the rejection of many of his lifelong clients. In parallel, there are some more than well-known companies in the real world, they also work not to lose camber in this regard. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about here, let’s take a look at what fast-food firm McDonald’s plans for the metaverse. All this has been revealed thanks to some documents that have recently been leaked.

Initially and as far as is known, these documents reveal that McDonald’s will present up to ten of its own products for use and marketing in the metaverse . This means that users of the virtual world will be able to acquire these elements if they wish, obviously all of this virtually.

McDonald’s will also sell in the metaverse

But this is not the only company of renowned prestige in the real world that has recently joined this trend. Other brands such as Adidas , Nike or Walmart are already working to gain popularity on virtual reality platforms. The aforementioned company known for its fast food can now be added to this list of commercial brands that want to be part of the metaverse. As you can imagine, with this movement benefits are generated by delivering food in its virtual version.

In fact, as it has been known now, up to 10 renowned brands have recently registered in this virtual world. Focusing on the aforementioned McDonald’s, it will provide users with downloadable media files containing artwork, text, audio and video files in the form of non-expendable tokens . It is also intended to exploit a digital restaurant with virtual products.

To say that this is a fashion that is beginning to be seen right now but that has no signs of stopping. So much so that for example Walmart could soon launch its own cryptocurrency. As for the aforementioned McDonald’s, the uses that are planned to take to the metaverse have already been listed. This includes food and drink items for use in virtual worlds . As expected, we will also find NFTs that will serve to facilitate commercial transactions of these elements.