BusKill: the USB Device that Helps Us in Case of Theft

buskillThere are many devices and tools that we have at our disposal to protect ourselves and improve security. Some may be physical devices, while others are simply software that we can install on our systems. Today we are going to talk about an interesting physical device that we have found. This is BusKill , a device the size of a USB memory that helps us if our laptop is stolen.

BusKill, the USB device that helps us in case of theft

One of the most important fears of users when they steal a device is the loss of all files and documents . We may even fear that they may access confidential information that we may keep on that computer. This can happen if our laptop is stolen, for example. It can happen if we lose it, if it has been stolen from us somewhere.

The function of BusKill is to block, shut down or even completely eliminate our system in case of theft. Of course, it should be mentioned that acts on the Linux operating system. Basically it is a device to use as an emergency in case we have lost the laptop or it has been stolen.

Let’s say our laptop was stolen in a restaurant where we left it alone for a moment. There we have a lot of files and documents of our company and we do not want them to go into bad hands. The goal of BusKill is to help the damage be less. You can erase the entire system, lock it or turn it off . This happens when the computer, the laptop in this case, moves away from us.

BusKill has a USB connected device that in turn is magnetically connected to a USB cable. If someone moves that laptop and disconnects it from the cable, it automatically activates a procedure to prevent them from reading the data or using the equipment. It could block the system, shut it down or even erase it completely.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to store anything in the USB memory. Simply activate BusKill if necessary. We leave you the link with all the technical information of this device, as well as the operation it has.

[Video] https://tech.michaelaltfield.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2019/12/busKillDemo.webm?_=1

Security, a key factor for users

Security is undoubtedly a very important factor for users. We are not just talking about preventing our team from being physically robbed, as is the case we have mentioned in this article. It is also essential to preserve security and privacy at the software level. For this we can take into account a series of tips.

One of the key points is to have security tools . One way to avoid being a victim of cyber attacks at the software level. It is essential to have a good antivirus, as well as to keep the systems always updated. Sometimes vulnerabilities arise that are corrected by patches and updates.

But without doubt the most important thing is common sense . Many varieties of malware will need user interaction. Maybe download a malicious file, install software that has been modified, etc.