BSplayer, VLC or Media Player Classic, Which Player is Better?

There are many factors that we must take into account when selecting a software, something that also extends to multimedia players. Here we have a wide variety of products to choose from. Among these we find some as well known as BSplayer, VLC or Media Player Classic .

There are many others, most of them free, but these are titles focused on multimedia playback that almost everyone knows. It is also worth knowing that, as with most programs of this type, these three are free. Therefore, when choosing one or the other, we must take into account factors other than price.

BSplayer, VLC or Media Player Classic

First of all we will tell you that you can download BSplayer from this link , VLC from this one and Media Player Classic from here . Well, along these lines, what we really want is to help you choose which of these three programs you are most interested in. There are several differentiating points between them and that could be significant in deciding which one is better and the one we will use on the PC.

Advantages and disadvantages of Media Player Classic

If we focus on the program called Media Player Classic, we will say that it is one of the veterans of the sector and that many have been using it for years. In fact, one of its attractions is that its interface is very reminiscent of Microsoft‘s mythical Windows Media Player. It is also a very light and easy-to-use player. In this way we will not have performance problems in Windows, even with somewhat outdated computers.

Media Player Classic

Therefore, it is one of the alternatives of this type most loved by many, but it has a serious problem that will get worse. By this, what we mean is that Media Player Classic has not received any updates since 2017. Therefore in the future we could have some compatibility problems with the most current formats.

Why use BSplayer, or reject it

This, as we mentioned before, is another interesting proposal of this type that meets the objectives of the majority. In addition, one of its main characteristics is the simplicity it presents, both in use and in the interface . As in the previous case, it has a user interface that is easy to use and affordable for everyone. Of course, it does not have support for dragging and pasting content, which can be a bit annoying for some.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the program has a free version, but somewhat limited in functions. In order to enjoy the full potential of BSplayer, we will have to get the Pro version of the application. To give us an idea, the free version does not allow the playback of HD videos, nor does it have support for watching DVDs . It also lacks a capture function, subtitle editor or download YouTube videos.

Reasons why VLC player is the best choice

And we are going to finish with what we could say is the best option of the three when choosing a multimedia player. When talking about VLC , without a doubt we mean what could be considered as the video player par excellence. The reason for this is that it is possibly the most used in the world, and that is not little. We can use it on all kinds of devices and platforms , and all of this is completely free.

Herramientas VLC reproductor

To all this, it is mandatory to add that the program is full of customizable additional functions, it is updated every so often, and it is compatible with practically any video or audio format.