Brighten up your Windows with these 10 animated backgrounds from Wallpaper Engine

For many years, Microsoft‘s operating system, Windows, has allowed us to customize the appearance of the software with various functions. Among the most common and used we find the use of backgrounds and themes that surely many of you have changed at some time.

These graphic elements are integrated and become part of the desktop of the operating system, giving this element a totally new and more original look. The possibilities when choosing a new background for our Windows desktop are almost endless. We can use any of those proposed by the company itself by default, or upload our own images. If they have the right quality, resolution and aspect ratio, they will be a very attractive element working in the background.

Brighten up your Windows with these 10 animated backgrounds

But in the latest versions of the system we can go one step further, especially if we have relatively powerful equipment. Specifically, we are referring to the possibility of choosing animated backgrounds so that they are part of this desktop. One of the simplest and most functional solutions is to use Wallpaper Engine to get hold of some of these animated elements that we are talking about. Most of these have been created by users from all over the world, we also have the possibility of designing our own content of this type.

But if we don’t want to get complicated and content in the form of animated backgrounds from others is enough, let’s see some very striking proposals right now. Therefore, below, we will show you some clear examples so that you can download them and use them on your computer if you wish.

Wallpaper Engine animated backgrounds to use on PC

The Drive : here we find a relaxing background that you can download and install on your computer developed in 4K quality and animated at 60 fps. In addition, it is a perfect choice for users who love retro content.

The Drive wallpaper windows Night Landscape : also developed in 4K quality and with a clearly relaxing theme, this is another very striking option. There is more to take a look at the night beach environment before which we find ourselves.

Night Landscape windows Endless Memories : on the other hand, if you are a lover of the samurai theme, you will love this animated background for Windows.

Endless Memories Street Japan : Continuing with the country of the Rising Sun, this is a very attractive background animation. In it we find ourselves immersed in a typical Japanese street.

Street Japan Night City Streets : If video games are your thing, here’s a great alternative. We will be able to use an impressive animated background for Windows of the title Cyberpunk 2077 that most of you surely know very well.

Night City Streets Halo Infinite : Continuing with the same theme mentioned above, this is another animated background that we can use in Windows, but in this case from the Halo video game.

Halo Infinite BMW M4 : if you are a car lover, you will love this background of a BMW M4 that Wallpaper Engine offers.

BMW M4 Minimalism : But we are not always looking for a complex or flashy background. Sometimes what we are really looking for is a minimalist and simple animation that is part of our Windows desktop.

Minimalism windows Inn Sight : also developed in 4K quality, this animated background will dazzle you thanks to its design for Windows.

Inn Sight Mafia Definitive Edition : who doesn’t relax on a rainy night looking out the window. This is precisely what this animated wallpaper for Windows from Wallpaper Engine offers us.

Mafia Definitive Edition