Brave: The Most Private Browser Today

One of the factors that most worries Internet users is their privacy. The truth is that today our personal information has great value in the network and is not always safe. There are marketing companies that can use our data to include us in spam campaigns, send us targeted advertising or even sell our data to third parties. This makes many users choose to try to improve security and privacy when browsing. Today we echo a new study that reports on what is the most private browser today. It’s about Brave .

Brave, the most private browser

As we know we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities as far as browsers are concerned. There are many options that we can use in our devices and there are them for all types of operating systems. It is true that the most popular are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, among others, but they are not the only ones.

There are browsers that are based primarily on privacy . Its objective is none other than to prevent user data from leaking into the network. Therefore they have conducted a study to determine which is the most private browser today and that battle has won Brave.

According to this study , Brave was the only browser that did not use identifiers that allow the tracking of the IP address and did not share in any way details of the pages visited.

Other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari did use these identifiers and share details of the website visited through features in the search autocomplete.

However, this test found that other browsers perform even worse, since some send data and information that refers to the device’s hardware.


Brave does not use any identifier

This report has shown that the Brave browser in its default configuration does not use any type of tracking or identifiers. This means that we can navigate without our information, as well as the pages we visit, end up on any server.

To carry out this report they carried out a series of tests that consisted of installing the browser from scratch several times, among others. In this way they ensured that the results were really accurate.

All this indicated that the Brave browser is today the best for those seeking privacy. It does not share user data and that is something that many value positively.

Keep in mind that both security and privacy are very important factors for users. It is when surfing the Internet when they are most at risk. We don’t really know who may be behind a public wireless network or if that program that we have downloaded from a third-party site can be a threat. Therefore, it is important to always take precautions such as the use of security tools, keep systems updated correctly and of course common sense.