Brave Browser Now Allows Access to Onion Sites

There are many browsers that we have at our disposal. Some are more geared towards security and privacy, others have more features and functions, and most are available for different operating systems and devices. In this article we echo a news item that informs about how the Brave browser will now allow users to enter Onion domains without using Tor Browser.

Brave allows you to enter Onion domains

It is considered as an alternative to the big browsers on the market. Brave is primarily focused on privacy and security. It has different characteristics that make it a good solution. Now it will also allow browsing Onion sites , an alternative to having to use Tor Browser for it.

Brave Browser Now Allows Access to Onion Sites

This integration with the Dark Web through Tor will allow users who use this browser to access Onion domains without having to use Tor Browser.

Keep in mind that, contrary to what may be widely thought, the Dark Web is not just about illegal activities. It is also used by researchers, journalists, and activists to freely browse the web in certain countries. It is particularly useful in areas where the government has imposed strict internet policies and censorship.

The Brave browser has its own Tor address “Brave.onion”. Users can now easily access Brave websites directly from the Dark Web. Using the Tor address to access Brave web pages will protect users’ metadata, including their geographic location.

In short, accessing Onion sites is now a little easier. We will be able to do it through the Brave browser, without using Tor Browser. This opens up a wider range of possibilities.

Give Web and Deep Web, not everything is illegal

As we have mentioned, not everything is illegal when we talk about Onion domains or accessing the hidden part of the Internet. Keep in mind that Dark Web is not the same as Deep Web . The first is where we do find illegal sales, malware available to users, etc.

However, the Deep Web is much more. It is the deep Internet, what we do not see when browsing “normal”. The content is not indexed by search engines like Google. It occupies a very important part of the entire network.

All this content is .Onion domains. You need to use specific tools to access them.

From now on we will be able to use the Brave browser to access the Deep Web. It is thus added to the different options we have for it. We have previously seen some browsers to enter the Dark Web. A series of options that we have at our disposal to be able to visit Onion domains and also do so with total security, always preserving personal data. Privacy is a very important factor for users and it is not always present.