Brands and Mobiles that Lose More Value When Sold

Once we buy a mobile, its value can do nothing more than go down, even if we take great care of it. The use of covers and protectors is a good idea, but nevertheless the market continues to move without us being able to do anything. The value that mobile phones lose is what a study carried out by Decluttr has analyzed where it has taken as a reference some of the main brands.

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Not all models and much less brands have the same evolution of value over time , there are several effects that can make a difference and among them are components or software, one of the keys for Apple and its iPhones to be a benchmark in terms of the value your devices lose. We see this especially when we try to sell a second-hand mobile, realizing that now our mobile has lost much of its value.

More expensive mobiles lose less value

In the study, one of the main conclusions that we must draw is that mobile devices maintain a higher value if they are more expensive. Therefore, if we buy a cheap mobile phone in a few months, its value will have dropped much more than what we can see in other superior models. In the price ranges we can see how mobile phones of more than 900 euros lost 42% of their value in the first 6 months, while models of less than 700 euros up to 63%.

OnePlus is the one that loses the most value

In the study itself we observe the clearest examples differentiating Apple from OnePlus. On the one hand, the iPhone lose only 51% of the value in the first 12 months and on the contrary the OnePlus and looking at the OnePlus 7 we observe a loss of value of up to 72% , which leaves us a mobile that is hardly worth nothing since we bought it.

OnePlus 8 Pro

If we look further, the results are not different, after two years OnePlus mobiles are still the ones that lose the most value, coinciding with Google and reaching 83% of the loss of their value. For this reason, if you are interested in selling a OnePlus mobile, it is best to do it as soon as possible.

Which brands lose the least value?

In the graph that we share you can easily and clearly observe the evolution of the value in the main brands. Among them, the one that is best maintained as we have mentioned is Apple, which leads the value of its phones in the first year and second year. The one that follows in the footsteps is Samsung that manages to maintain the value of mobile phones in the first and second year.

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Another brand that manages to maintain the value of its mobile phones is Samsung, although only in the first year because in the second it will be a bad time to sell the used mobile . Huawei, on the other hand, in the first year loses 70% of its value and remains at 81% during the second year, something that can be noted from now on by not having Google services. Finally, as we have already mentioned, OnePlus is the one that loses the most during the first and second years.

The mobiles that make you lose the most money

After knowing the brands, we turn to the models that have been analyzed in the study and for this it is necessary that they be on the market for at least two years. Observing the graphs that we share, we can see that the iPhone XS are the ones that have lost the least value in all this time, losing only 43% of the initial value. The Google Pixel XL with 53% continues the line of losses and Apple reappears with the iPhone 7 in all its versions.

Meanwhile, the mobile that loses the most value is OnePlus , specifically the OnePlus 5. Followed by the Google Pixel 2 XL and the OnePlus 6 appears again, along with the Google Pixel 3 and 2 XL.

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