Bluetooth Neckband Speakers: Best Models, Features and Prices

Today there are many ways to listen to the music that we like. We can do it through our telephone, the computer, a sound system, headphones, etc. But of course, there is a rather striking way to literally carry the sound on your back: neckband speakers . Today we tell you everything you need to know about these curious devices, as well as showing you a compilation of the best alternatives available on the market.

Neckband speakers, what are they?

Bluetooth Neckband Speakers: Best Models

All of us have quite internalized what a Bluetooth headset is and how it works. Well, these types of speakers would be something of a hybrid between a hearing aid and a wireless speaker.

Neckband speakers consist of a speaker that we attach to our shoulders around our neck in a “U” shape and that, without any type of cable, allow us to listen to our favorite music, receive calls, or any other action that we could do with a Bluetooth headset.

In this way, we will not need to introduce any device inside the auditory pavilion (being able to listen to music or whatever we want) and avoid the inconvenience of stopping listening to that song when leaving a room that we would have using a conventional speaker. Of course, the disadvantage (depending on the occasion) is that if we use it while walking down the street or doing sports outside we can annoy those around us, but this already falls on the conscience of each one.

Important details before buying a neckband speaker

Like any other electronic device, there are different aspects that we should know and take into account before getting one of these speakers for our shoulders:

  • Autonomy : the battery is one of the most important details of the equipment that works wirelessly. In this case, depending on your needs, it will be important that these speakers have a sufficient duration to allow you to enjoy several hours of playback. In addition, it would be interesting if the charging system does not take too long to fill the mAh of its battery.
  • Power : in this case we do not need a power of 60 W to carry on our men, we are not going to mount a festival with this team . But of course, if a minimum to listen to the music well even if there is some noise outside would be fine. Our recommendation is that you have at least 4 W between your integrated speakers.
  • Weight : having to carry this equipment on the shoulders, the least we hope is that it is not uncomfortable to transport them. Therefore, we do not need your weight to exceed, by far, 500 grams. Here it will depend on each one, but we believe that a maximum of 300 grams should be enough.
  • Resistance : whether you are going to use them for sports or if you simply do not want to worry that any splash will end up damaging your neckband speaker, it should incorporate IPXX resistance against splashes as a minimum.

These types of devices are not something that has reached the market now. There are already different models from various manufacturers that opt for this very different alternative. Some even go further, incorporating headphones inside their body to add even more functionality to their equipment.

Best neckband speakers

Having said all of the above, and now that you know a little more about this type of device, it is time to show you some of the best neckband speaker options on the market.

Bluedio HS Hurricane

The first of the models that we want to recommend, and the most economical, are these Bluedio HS Hurricane . It is a Bluetooth speaker with a power of 2W in each speaker so, thanks to the fact that there are 2 in stereo, we will have a power of 4W in total. It has a total weight of 360 grams, has the possibility of incorporating a microSD card so as not to depend on the music from the phone, it incorporates a radio and its autonomy is enough to enjoy several hours of music playback.

Gracy neckband speaker

On the other hand we have this Gracy neckband speaker . A model that has protection against water to avoid problems with sweat or splashes of water. It has a microphone to be able to use it in phone calls or video calls as hands-free. Its autonomy can reach up to 12 hours of use according to the manufacturer. And its weight is only 242 grams.

NEDIS neckband speaker

Within the economic range of these speakers is this alternative from NEDIS . A model with an autonomy of about 10 hours of use and whose power reaches 9 W thanks to its double stereo speaker system. It incorporates a slot for a microSD card and microphones to use it as a hands-free. Its weight is only 178 grams, so it will appear that we are not carrying anything while using it.

LG Tone

We now turn to a model from a manufacturer more than known in the audio equipment sector. It is about the LG Tone that, in this case, will give us a 2 for 1: bluetooth headphones and neckband speaker . On the one hand, we have a wireless speaker system that we can use to listen to music connected to our smartphone. And, on the other, if we look at the lower tip, we will see some small headphones that we can pull to see their cable. We can buy it in white or black and in addition, there are different models of autonomy between 8 hours and 15 hours. They incorporate a fast charging system with which, in just 10 minutes, we will have 3 more hours of use. In addition, they only weigh 150 grams in the case of the 8-hour autonomy model.

Avantree Torus

Another alternative with the same headphone system plus loudspeaker are these Avantree Torus . In this case, the design is somewhat more rough, although they have the aptX HD codex for a better experience. They have Bluetooth 5 connectivity and a low latency system to avoid delays or losses in the signal of what we are playing. They weigh about 260 grams.


Slightly increasing the cost of the equipment we find a model from the manufacturer JVC . It is the SP-A7WT , a fairly light and comfortable speaker, which offers a great sound quality as this manufacturer has us used to. They have protection against splashes, incorporate microphones to use it as a hands-free or interact with the intelligent assistant of the equipment to which we connect it and, in addition, an autonomy of about 15 hours of use. In addition, in its box it comes with a Bluetooth transmitter that will allow us to connect them to any equipment even if it does not have such connectivity.

Bose Soundwear Companion

But, if what you are looking for is maximum fidelity and sound quality, your ideal model is this Bose Soundwear Companion . This manufacturer always bets on the highest sound quality to improve the experience of its users and, how could it be otherwise, this device follows that trail. A wireless speaker for our neck with an autonomy of 12 hours of use, resistant to sweat thanks to its IPX4 protection and weighing 250 grams. Of course, all this quality of sound, construction and materials will have an additional cost that we will have to pay.