Blocking and App Problems on the Mi A3 with Android 11

Android updates are a complex subject. Manufacturers must adapt the novelties proposed by Google to their customization layer, in addition to adding their own functions. All these software changes must be adapted to the hardware of each device, which sometimes is a headache that causes updates to be delayed.

However, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is part of the Android One program, which a priori should have been an advantage in times and why not, in stability. However, the terminal was updated to Android 11 last January, when Android 11 was launched in September of last year. This can only be a surmountable annoyance, if it were not for the problems that this terminal has faced.

More problems with Android 11

Android 10 has already been a nightmare for many users, but since its update to Android 11, the problems have not stopped either. It all started with a crash that left the Mi A3 useless. More recently we have seen how, after overcoming this problem, some Mi A3s have shown green screens in various parts of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi A3 blanco

Now, a new wave of users returns to the load with reports about the malfunction that Android 11 has in their Mi A3. The truth is that occasionally it is not until a terminal is tested for a long time, that we can assume that everything works well, or the opposite. Piunikaweb has been in charge of collecting complaints from users, who are reporting that their Mi A3 shows a lot of lag, problems with various applications and even blocking problems.

The lack of optimization of Android 11 on this computer seems to be the cause once again. Reboots happen randomly , while others report UI crashes and screen locks. These failures come even after the January security update has been installed, which was intended to improve the performance of the device, although it seems that this is not the case, at least in some cases.

android 11 mi a3

January update on the Mi A3

Waiting for more updates

Fortunately, unlike the bootloop problem that occurred with the arrival of Android 11 , this seems to affect a smaller number of users, but still large enough to require an update to solve these problems. For now, the only recommended solution is to try to reset the terminal to factory settings to see if these faults disappear. The second option is to wait for a new update and software from Xiaomi