Blocked Apps on Android: Causes and Solutions

Applications are the fundamental pillar of any mobile. All of the important functions of our device are supported by these software developments, be it with the system’s own applications, or with those of third parties that are vital for our day to day. For this reason, it can be very frustrating when applications are blocked without being able to find a reason or a solution. Luckily, there are methods to prevent it from happening and fix the problem.

Blocked Apps on Android

There are many reasons that can cause an app to crash on our Android mobile . It may be due to a compatibility problem with the operating system, or that some other app is interfering with its correct behavior. In many cases it is also due to a problem related to permissions. Luckily, the solutions to get everything back to normal are just as varied.

Avoid blocking apps

Restart the mobile

A simple restart can solve the problem. It is increasingly common not to restart or turn off the phone for long periods of time. There may be problems with the cache or certain application files, which may become corrupted over time. A restart will take us around 30 seconds and solves the problem in most cases. If the application is so blocked that it does not let us do anything , we will have to press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds for the mobile to restart.

Updates up to date?

Two checks that we will have to do obligatorily. First, check to see if we have any pending OS updates. These updates often improve compatibility with many applications and there may be the solution. To check it we touch in Settings / System / System Updates.

actualizacion android

On the other hand, it may be the application itself that has a pending update that corrects known errors that are affecting its correct operation . To check it we will have to open Google Play and tap on the menu on the left. Now we will click on “My applications and games” and we will look in the list of applications if the one that is giving us problems has a pending update. If so, click on update.

Force stop the application

It is a solution that may be temporary, since if the app has a more serious problem , it may appear again. To force the stopping of the conflicting app we will have to go to Settings / Applications and select the one that is causing problems. Then we will click on “Force Stop”. Then we restart the mobile and start the app again to see if the problem has disappeared.

Clear app cache

This solution frees up space by clearing cached data, this is another workaround, as over time new data will be stored again and problems could return. Within the same options of the app, we will be able to click on “Clear the cache”.

Mi Fit borrar cache

Take a look at Google Play

If you have downloaded the app from the Google app bazaar, it is very likely that not only you have this problem. If you look at the opinions and comments of the app, you may find the solution or at least other users who have the same problem . In many of these opinions, the developer of the app offers information about it. For example, it may be a known issue and it is being fixed to correct in a future update.

Uninstall the app

It is the final solution in many cases. Uninstalling the app will erase all the saved data, the cache, accepted permissions (or not) and possible conflicts with the system files that are causing it to crash. We just have to hold down its icon and click on “Uninstall”. Next we will have to proceed to install it again to see if the problem has disappeared.