Block the execution of some applications in Windows 10

On more occasions than we think, the same PC is shared among several users, something for which Microsoft tries to give us all the facilities. Specifically, this is something that it achieves through certain features that it integrates into its own operating system, Windows 10.

In this way, each of the users who work on the same team will have the possibility to manage their own account in the system , or share that of the administrator. Everything will depend on the limitations and configurations that the main user has made in Windows 10 from the beginning. With everything and with it, in the event that all of them make use of the equipment from a single account, we can also take some measures.

It is precisely this that we want to talk about in these same lines, that is, the possibility of blocking certain applications in Windows 10 so that they cannot be used by the rest, as is the case with the Windows Run function . This will allow us, in a simple way, that certain programs that are installed in Windows 10, are not used by others. In addition, all this is achieved without having to use third-party solutions . To get an idea, this is something we can do from the editor of the Windows registry itself .

As usual in these cases, when we are going to make modifications to this section of Windows, the first thing is to make a backup of it. After typing the regedit command in the Start menu dialog box, we will go to the menu option, File / Export. Then, to perform the task that we are talking about here, the first thing we do is access the registry path HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer.

Block applications from the Windows 10 registry

Once on this particular route, we can find that the DisallowRun section does not exist, therefore we will only have to generate it ourselves through New / password. So, with this, what we really do is create a new list of Windows 10 applications that we will be able to block, all within this new section of DisallowRun.

Disallowrun registro Windows 10

Thus, in the right panel, we re-create a new entry, but in this case of the Chain value type, to which we assign the value 1. This would correspond to the first entry in the list of applications to be blocked, so to edit it, we will have to click on it twice. Then, in the field called Value information, we have more to enter the name of the executable to block.

As you can imagine, as we want to block more programs, we create new entries in this section of DisallowRun. However, we will have to change their name, assigning the numbers 2, 3, 4, correlatively, as well as entering the name of the corresponding executable.

As is evident, this is a blocking method that will allow us to do it without having to use third-party solutions. We also protect access to certain programs by users who have access to this same PC with Windows 10.