BlackWidow V4 Pro, the best version of Razer's TOP gaming keyboard

There is no doubt that it is the quality of the peripherals that completely differentiates a good gaming PC from the rest, and in this Razer have proven their value in all this time. That is why today we bring you its new keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro , which is packed with integrated functions that will delight the most enthusiastic gamers. Let’s see, therefore, what are its good things and its bad things.

The fourth version of the popular Razer gaming keyboard brings with it important innovations that make it a desired piece for those who want a high-quality peripheral that is capable of withstanding extreme gaming sessions with the most popular titles of the moment.

BlackWidow V4 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro, features and specifications

We are facing a keyboard designed for continuous use, which is visible to the naked eye not only because of the wrist rest that will allow you to rest your hand and that it does not suffer after hours of play, but also in what is not seen. Especially its 5052 aluminum structure and its two layers of shock-absorbing foam that will reduce the noise generated when typing continuously.

Like other keyboards of the brand, it is perfectly understood, they are its Razer Synapse application , which will allow us to program macros, key combinations, in 8 keys on the keyboard to get advantages in your games. In addition, it will allow you to control the RGB of the BlackWidow V4 Pro, which is fully compatible with Razer Chroma RGB on its three sides of per-key lighting. Also, it synchronizes without problems with the rest of the brand’s peripherals and brings with it integration with up to 200 different games, where the action varies according to what happens in the game.

The highlight, its control dial

Although what stands out the most when you see the keyboard is its command dial located to the left of the ESC key on the keyboard, which comes with 8 default modes and allows us to do things like Zoom in a window, easily change the browser tab. Its functionality can be programmed with up to 100 different actions for each moment. For example, being able to change the size of the brush in graphic design applications precisely by moving the dial of the BlackWidow V4 Pro clockwise or anticlockwise as needed.

BlackWidow V4 Pro Dial Control

high quality switches

As usual in Razer keyboards, the BlackWidow V4 is a mechanical keyboard that uses those of the brand with the option to choose between the Green Clicky switches with a louder profile, but with greater tactile feedback, and the Yellow Linear which are fair otherwise. Whichever type you choose, you have to know that each key will last you almost a lifetime, since they have resistance for up to 100 million keystrokes, all thanks to the use of double-layer ABS key caps. .

Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro price and availability

You can already find it in stores for €269.99 as a recommended retail price.