BlackBerry Announces New 5G Phone for 2021

Although the Blackberry firm has been launching new models uninterruptedly in recent years, the reality is that it has done so with different manufacturers. The last of them, TCL, threw in the towel a few months ago. Now Blackberry has reached an agreement with a North American startup that will manufacture a new Blackberry, and not only that, but it will come with 5G .

The once undisputed leader in business and professional-oriented phones has lost practically all the market share that it had at the time, but despite this it does not resist disappearing, and its lucrative secure business software service , he continues to add new mobiles from time to time under his brand.

Blackberry Announces New 5G Phone for 2021

New Blackberry with 5G on the way

It will be the North American startup OnwardMobility that will develop the new Blackberry with 5G connectivity that will see the light of day in 2021. This was announced by this same startup, which ensures that this new model will reach both North America and Europe next year. The startup defines itself as a company specialized in secure mobile devices oriented to companies and the professional field. The startup has also announced that it has reached an agreement with Foxconn for the design and manufacture of these phones.

Blackberry KEYone con Android 7

Another Blackberry with Android

This model will follow in the wake of previous models and will have a physical keyboard , which is the true distinguishing feature of the Blackberry brand, beyond business software. It will have Android as the operating system , as we have seen in the latest phones launched by the brand. It will be a mobile that will also stand out for its security, since if we combine Onward’s vocation for security and the tradition in this aspect of Blackberry, we can only expect a device with these characteristics.

Security and user experience as a priority

From the firm they seek to offer a phone that is capable of offering a very safe and productive 5G phone . They assure that there are many companies that await the arrival of a phone with these characteristics, and therefore they want to collaborate with Blackberry to launch the new device next year. A key 2021 for the expansion of 5G, which is being faster even than 4G, despite all the problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated.

TCL ended its relationship with Blackberry last February to manufacture the brand’s phones, which had stopped making the Blackberry itself in 2016. The spectacular drop in sales of its devices caused this subsequent dance of manufacturers associated with the brand, which will bring us a new device next year. We hope it will be a mobile at the height of what a brand that has crept into our collective imagination should offer us.