How to better manage your downloads with qBitTorrent

In both professional and more domestic environments, there are many individual users and companies that use P2P networks and torrent clients . These allow us to download large files, for example, in a more reliable and secure way.

All this makes use of the BitTorrent protocol , among others, so that data packets are not lost along the way, which makes it a widely used alternative for years. Of course, as you may know, all of this benefits from a somewhat more illicit use, such as piracy of copyrighted content. However, leaving that aside, the truth is that the benefits that torrent bring us in more legal uses are many.

But of course, for all this we need some program that offers us the necessary interface to be able to handle these P2P networks and work with torrent files. That is precisely why the torrent clients we have spoken to you on many occasions. These small programs that offer us everything necessary to be able to download those files we are talking about. In addition, how could it be otherwise, they present us with a good amount of additional functions. These allow us to take full advantage of these specific files, in addition to being able to manage them in a more efficient way.

Moreover, in the case that we deal with many files simultaneously from these, we will always appreciate the administrative functions that we will find. This is the case that we are going to talk about here with one of the most known and used torrent clients. We refer to qBitTorrent , one of the most popular proposals of this type for a long time.

menú qBitTorrent

Organize your downloads in the best way in qBitTorrent

This proposal, for example, allows us to download qBitTorrent without the need for a browser . But another of the many functions that the program we are referring to here presents, is one that will help us to better organize our downloads. Moreover, all this we will talk about will be especially helpful if we make intensive use of the program. Thus, in the event that you do many torrent downloads , being able to organize them will always help us to manage them later.

This is something we can achieve by assigning custom tags to the torrent that we download. As it is easy to suppose, this simple trick will allow us to catalog those downloads in a more effective way. This way we can mark the downloaded files depending on their use, format, environment in which we will use it, etc. Therefore, to achieve this, we will first download the corresponding torrent in a conventional manner.

qBitTorrent etiquetas

Then we click with the right mouse button on it, so that we see the contextual menu that appears on the screen. In it we select the option Labels / Add. It will be in the new window, where we will have the possibility to specify to the program the labels that we want to assign to that particular torrent. How could it be otherwise, we can do the same for all those we want, using the same labels, depending on the classification or organization that we want to follow in each case.