The Best Websites to Learn to Draw Online

Occasionally most of us suddenly have an artistic streak in one direction or another, so we’d like to be a little more creative. Fortunately, in these times, technology will be of great help in this regard, for example to learn to draw.

And is that largely thanks to current web developers, we have online resources powerful enough to learn certain subjects. Among these we can highlight, for example, those related to art , as we will see below. To give us an idea of the possibilities we have in this regard, we are going to talk about a series of web applications to learn to draw.

Best Websites to Learn to Draw Online

Learn to draw comfortably without attending classes

While a few years ago for this type of tasks in particular, among many others, the usual thing was to attend face-to-face classes, now we can save it. Because not only thanks to the developers of applications and platforms, but also to the connections that we have, this is much easier. That is why if we focus on the case at hand, we will have the possibility to learn to draw comfortably from home. Of course, for this we will need to have a PC connected to the Internet .

Muestra dibujo

Therefore, whether for entertainment or because we want to expand our knowledge, if we want to acquire artistic training and learn drawing, we will help you. For this, in these times we have at our disposal many online sites where we can find various techniques of this type that will help us.

In principle these will help us to acquire the basic concepts to improve drawing techniques, or even to start from scratch. In addition, thanks to the power of today’s PCs, we will sometimes have online classes, multimedia tutorials , videos, real-time tips, etc.

Web applications to learn how to draw online

It is for all this that next we are going to talk about a series of web applications and online platforms that you can use through the Internet for this purpose that we discuss, learn to draw or improve our knowledge.


To start we are going to talk about the ArtyFactory web portal which you can access from this same link . On this platform that we mentioned you will find a series of courses and lessons related all of them with drawing and art, most of them, free. Among these we find related to various styles and levels such as basic classes of drawing with pencil, colors, ink, etc. In addition we will find a wide range of samples of each type so that we can see what we are going to work on.

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Below we refer to an online course also related to the art world, specifically in this case focusing on pencil drawing . It is designed to be able to start from scratch in this exciting artistic environment and start taking our first steps. Actually it is a free course in which we are only going to need to register.


This will give us access to a good number of lessons whose description will help us to get an idea of what we are going to cover. In this way we will have direct access to multiple techniques and work modes, all related to pencil drawing. We can access all of this from this same link .

Drawings to paint

First of all, we must bear in mind that this is a proposal that, unlike the previous ones, focuses more on children . However, it is equally valid for all audiences and focuses on helping us learn certain basic drawing techniques. Thus we will learn to create sketches, primary drawing concepts, to make portraits or learn to distinguish the necessary tools.

Dibujos para pintar

Similarly, we will also find some sections, from this website , to learn how to design our own comics.


Say that to access the case that we are going to talk about next to learn how to draw, we can do it from here . It’s called DrawingCoach and basically from here we will get a series of free drawing classes in an entertaining and easy way. In this way we will have the opportunity to learn to draw portraits, or even to design our own cartoons .


In the same way, the platform will be of great help, once with the basic knowledge passed, to carry out caricatures or tattoos. For all this we have different lessons, examples and elements step by step.


If we focus on the case of DrawSpace, here we also find a series of courses and lessons to learn how to draw using various techniques . It should be noted that in this sense we are going to find content specially aimed at all types of users, from beginners to more advanced ones.


Another section that we should also take into account is that we will have at our disposal parts that are free, in addition to other paid ones . This way we will learn to draw lines and shadows, or to design cartoons, all from this link .

Draw well

As its name suggests, this is another online platform that will be very useful to us when learning or perfecting our drawing technique . You can access it from this same link and it offers us a series of tutorials that teach us, from the lowest level, everything related to the world of drawing. Of course, we find both text and video content, in addition to paid and free.


How to draw it

Now we are going to talk about a curious online site that presents us with a more than original way to delve into the world of drawing. To access it, you will have the opportunity to do it from its official website and it presents us with a simple and affordable method to draw both animals and humans.

How to Draw It

At the same time, we must know that here we are going to find basic lessons for all of this, as well as more advanced and complex ones.

Easy draw

And we are going to finish with our applications and websites to learn how to draw with the so-called Easy Draw that you can access from here . To say that here we will have a course based on both text content and images that will help us in these tasks that we are talking about.

Dibujar fácil

At the same time we will have tips and tricks that will help us to progress in the lessons. To say that this is a course that covers from the most basic concepts in this sense, as well as much more advanced ones.