The Best Websites to Download Excel Templates

Currently the use of office applications is widespread, especially for its ease of use to any user profile. But still we keep looking to save time, and with Excel we don’t make an exception. For this reason the use of templates for our work is increasingly standardized.

With each passing year, the technologies are advancing in search of problem solving and there is much emphasis on increasing their ease of use. So in this case it is no less, and users seek that their office programs have a simple resolution in terms of handling.

We have many alternatives to the free Office suite, but now more and more users have this office suite. There are quite a few facilities that are provided for use, such as the free obtaining of them for students or centers.

Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel

From this office package we will highlight Excel, which we will put solution in terms of facilities in its use. In this case there is a wide variety of customizable and free templates for Excel that can be found on the Internet.

Thanks to this method, it may be that many people start to browse or expand their knowledge with new functions. We have so many functions that many users will not even know they exist, being so extensive. It should be noted that as a program dedicated to calculation, the functions are broad in themselves.

The Best Websites to Download Excel Templates

A great variant is implied here, which is to know how to find the best templates, but for our specific needs. We have hundreds of templates which are examples of actions that we can carry out on a daily basis. As it could be a template to calculate the bill of the electricity, or water bill.

There are also such diverse templates, such as a calendar, or the representation of a diagram among others. If Excel has a function, surely there is a template that includes that function, hence the variety.

Office templates

A page where we can find templates, which are very well designed, and are correctly functional, is on the official office page. In which we have many templates, designed for each tool that contains your suite, but in this case we focus on those of Excel.

The templates are organized by categories or events and occasions, so we can imagine how complete it becomes.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Web Microsoft Excel Plantilla

Excel spreadsheet

This website is expressly focused on downloading Excel templates and teaching courses. We can find templates that are somewhat simple, but well structured, which can be useful for us.

It is recommended that when searching the page we do it directly by categories, which are located at the bottom of the page.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

PlanillaExcel Plantilla


We can find professional templates, which are paid , and we can even consider that they have a somewhat high price. But we can also find free templates which are less elaborate, but just as functional as the others.

We find that they have structured templates, depending on the purpose, whether for business or personal use, both free options as well.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Plantilla excel

Excel Free

This web page since we entered shows us a fairly simple appearance, although somewhat tedious. We recommend searching for templates by browsing between the categories, which are located on the right side of the Web and we have a fairly complete list.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Excel Gratis Web


Here we find this interactive web which allows us to visualize a large part of the templates with striking GIFs, which teach us the design, organization and operation of the template. It provides direct download buttons, which do not contain advertising, something to be grateful for.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Plantillas Excel Trump


We can find free templates and premium templates which are better developed, more functional and flashy, but for a fairly high price compared to other websites. User decision is to decide if these templates are priced according to what is offered, or it is not profitable to pay.

As for the free version, we can find also very striking and diverse templates, which are not expected in some users.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Plantillas excel ind


This website has a structure for the sample of very simple templates. We have a variety of templates, although according to which category we appreciate that the content is not too broad.

Something good that this page contains is the fact that each template contains a description explaining what it was designed for and a tutorial to make use of it. In addition, it allows us to download the file in various formats or versions of Excel.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

Plantillas excel spreadsheet123


A great website for template search, in this case Excel. We can distinguish a large number of templates which are organized into categories. Thanks to its design it will not be difficult for us to find the one that suits our needs, since it is simple and well organized.

We also have a wide variety of templates in its Premium version, which have a very striking and professional design, suitable for people who are willing to pay for it. For this last use of the Web, we will have to pay an amount and we can make use of all the templates.

You can access the website by clicking: Here

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